Top 10 developments in military technology

Our generation has seen a tremendous growth in tech world. Be it computers, automobiles, mobile phones or even our watches, everything we encounter everyday has changed in some way or another. The military has also caught up with technology. You can either call these scary or awesome, but these recent developments or projects by militaries around the world have brought us one step closer to the future.


  1. Robotic Exoskeletons


We all loved the big suit of armor worn by Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow or the super cool tech suits in GI Joe. Companies like Ekso Bionics have already started developments of exoskeletons to aid rehabilitation clinics around the world and soon military applications of these exoskeletons may begin.

  1. Guided Bullets


Dodging a bullet might become difficult in the future as US Gov. has already begun working on self-guided bullets to engage the enemy. DARPA has successfully tested smart bullets in Feb this year and even novice shooters could hit their targets.

  1. Boeing’s Phantom Drone


This futuristic drone is hydrogen powered, can keep flying for 10 days and can carry more than 900 kg, reach the altitude of 4000 feet and doesn’t need a pilot. Need we say more?


  1. Microwave Ray Gun


The Chinese have already developed a portable version of microwave ray gun that can make the victims feel like they are on fire.

  1. Space-Based Laser


Yes we haven’t left the space from any militarization plans. Though there is no existing space laser, scientists have proposed a laser based in outer space that will be able to take out missiles in their orbit.

  1. Flybot



The USAF has been working on miniature drones for a while now and flybot is an example of the future drones that will be the size of a housefly and will be helpful in reconnaissance and gathering intelligence without coming under notice.

  1. Super Drone

The British tested their new super ‘Taranis’ this year. Known as the biggest and most advanced unmanned aircraft, Taranis is the same size of a Hawk fighter and is designed to fly faster than the speed of sound. Now that’s the future of drones.

  1. Coronet- The Future of Internet


The future of internet lies in fiber optics. Planning to connect cloud based systems and transfer terabytes of data within minutes, DARPA scientists have already begun work on this project.

  1. Visibuilding Program

24-02-08-visibuildingDo you remember the scene for Dark Knight where Batman is able to see through the building using infrared and know where all the enemies and victims stand? Visibuilding Program is exactly like that only this time a soldier would be viewing through buildings.

  1. HEL MD photon cannon


This Directed Energy Weapon is able to take out mortar shells and incoming missiles through a concentrated laser blast towards the intended target.

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