#2 Hindu Gods in DC comics! (Ganesh)

Here we are with second edition of our post Hindu Gods in DC comics! This time we will cover Lord Ganesha and the character based on Ganesha. So hold on in the devotion of Blue Lantern Corps…? Nevermind.

1. Ganesh (New earth)

Wonder Woman #149 series 2, (September 1999)

Powers and abilities :

  • Probability Manipulation(Ganesha is the hindu god of fortune.
  • Enhanced Intellect)
  • Decelerated Aging
  • Unique Physiology: four arms, elephant head.
  • Superhuman Strength

Seen along with other Hindu Gods when Cronus, a Titan of Myth ransacked olympus and attempted to destroy the Hindu Gods. Character was kept alive for 2 editions.
Later the Ganesha were redeveloped with a new alias an were in Blue Lantern corps. (That sounds so COOL!)

2. Brother Warth

The new alias of Ganesha as a lantern corp from Space Sector 0002 and was the second person to be initiated in Blue Lantern Corps. He was brought to Odym (planet of Blue Lanterns)by Saint Bro’Dee Walker of sector 0001.

WarthpreblWarth has abilities like HOPE and PURGE and a never ending Blue lantern Power Battery.


Warth was teamed up with Saint Walker and Hal Jordan to rescue Sinestro.On their journey a nearby planet’s sun was on verge to be Supernova and Jordan’s attempt to call Backup failed due to interference of Warth’s and Saint’s power rings.

Later warth and saint joined together to use their powers to heal the sun and make it young blue star.



After some later unhappening events Hal joined Red lantern and was against the Blue Lanterns. The Blue lanterns needed Green’s to be powerful and intact. After Hal going red power level of Warth and Saint went low.



Though by Saint placing his ring on Hal’s head saw him turning Blue lantern and kicking some Red Lantern arses. Meanwhil Warth was shocked seeing so much transformation.


Brother Warth also participated in a battle against Black Lantern corps during the Blackest night.


Warth also stopped a fight when Bleez attacked Green Lantern’s Guy gardner on Odym who wanted a recovery from Warth. Later on Brother Warth managed to contain and incapacitate Bleez after stating that there was no fighting allowed on Odym.


Brother Warth was strong enough to easily put Bleez in a choke hold and still carry on a conversation with Guy Gardner.

Brother Warth bid farewell to Guy Gardner after Guy expressed concerns over future threats from Unknown Sectors and warth told him that “All will be well.”

Warth even had a taste for humour and did pass some witty comments.

Warth_New_EarthSo this appearance of Ganesha as a Lantern might have made you kinda PROUD OF!

Will be back with further more Gods in DC universe soon! till then spread the word of Pikapost!