When GRRM trolled

This parody account on twitter of George RR Martin (Father of death) is taking the twitter by storm. Making all Game of Thrones fan nauseatingly cracked.


Best script for the most romantic love story/Fairy tale ever!

This is when GRRM took a challenge to write down a bed-time fairy tale story for little girls. Loving isn’t it?


A song of Kill and fuck –

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Shut the fuck up

Or I’ll kill you

GRRM in SHARKNADO 3? Die “SoB-utcher Die!! Atleast now he knows how it feels!



Or wait was he the one who leaked season 5 episodes? Satan knows!

No home for ironman

“Get me mad and say goodbye to Tyrion.” “I have this great idea for a new charact— and he’s dead.” “Gay marriage made legal in all 50 states.” – I’m excited to plan more weddings. Some things are par little finger’s head


“… And Ramsay smiles as he sits down on the Iron Throne.”