When your parent is a teacher at your school

Teacher’s Day? Special? Yes, it can be.

Teachers Day can be special when you are in such a situation wherein your parent is a teacher.. and if fate follows, you both are in the same school!!!

Here are some things that people who have their parents as their teachers in their exact same school can relate to.

1. Almost every teacher knows who you are!

Yeaup.. Nope, you really cant escape the clutches of every teacher with that cunning smile they give when you try being mischievous.


2. Try bunking, I dare ya!

Been there. Done that. DID NOT work out!


3. Your PTA meets weren’t once in a month, it was everyday!!

Obviously.. Had to happen!




4. And God forbid, if YOUR parent is YOUR teacher!!

Oh, that’s just the worst. Its like you cant do anything! You gotta stay put, like a statue.. The most confused stage ever!!




You get all types of books when you have to study!

Name it. You’l get it!


No bullies.. Never. Although, as the reverse, you can’t bully too

Everyones gonna think twice before they come up on you. You are a teachers brat after all. They wouldnt wanna invite trouble by knocking on the door now, would they?


And if you’re lucky, you get the Teacher Privileges too!!!

That goes all ways.. All damn ways


Finally, having your parent as a teacher in the same school as you are, is one hell of an experience!!