When Joey Tribbiani and Sheldon Cooper became teachers!



In most of the fun packed TV series time comes when our beloved characters have to put up their Pro-shoes and get to teach students! Quiet obvious they are uncomfortable doing it! Taking from Ted Mosby’s spelling of “PROFESSOR” to Sheldon being obnoxious. This time we will have Joey Tribbiani and Sheldon Cooper as teacher but first we will take down when Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory became a teacher in 8th season.

On Sheldon’s first day no student enrolled; for him being obnoxious




When Sheldon brought cookies for his class!
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Sheldon’s way of surprise test and marks

Joey Tribbiani (from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.) too had to become a teacher during his struggle as an actor. He utilized his skills from “Days of our lives” to enrich his students who would appreciate him for anything! LITERALLY ANYTHING!!



The one with Mr. Tribbiani after a very “straight introduction” .





The one with less attractive students

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The one with how to cry!





The one with Joey doing maths to act in a shocker. Really a Maths guy!




The one with Joey’s misguidance helping a student for the role he wanted too and again he being stuck with not-good-looking-people. Seriously, his students buy anything.




well I personally feel the teaching skills of Sheldon and Joey are based on the facts that one is Genius and other is (1-Genius) but still none will hang on their boots!