Hindu Gods in MARVEL comics ( SHIVA v/s THOR )

So after successful posts on Hindu Gods in DC comics, we this time have a post on Hindu Gods in Marvel comics! This is when Norse God Thor took on Hindu God of death, Lord Shiva.This is SHIVA v/s THOR this time. The event took place in Thor #301 when Thor decided to bring Odin back to life. To do this he had to get a little power from each mythological God (Hindu, Chinese, Greek etc.).

Now this was the turn when Thor had to get some power from Hindu Gods. He reaches to the Trideva i.e Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva who are responsible for creation, protection and destruction (respectively) of the man-kind.


shiva1 shiva2 shiva3 shiva4 shiva5 shiva6 shiva7shiva8



For sure after reading this Hindus were not at all thrilled. Reading the lose of their most important and powerful deity hurt them really really bad bad. Two years layer, in order to over come the damage caused in Hindu fan base, Thor Annual #10 (1982) saw a plot in which Thor teams-up with Gods from different religions. One of the teamed up God was the one Thor fought in #301 but the twist was that character was named Indra not Shiva.




This was done keeping in mind the fact that Indra is King of Hindu Gods, who somehow is crafty in nature and keeps clashing with others for no reasons.

In later issues, Shiva is depicted as much powerful as Odin is.




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