Journey with a bus conductor

One very morning, as in my schedule I reached the bus stop at 8:35. My college used to start at the very same time but to have a feel of a college boy, I had the daring to enter the class late. It would to take me around 18-20 minutes to reach my college by the public transport from the bus stop which was another 12 minute walk from my home.

That day, as usual I got into the bus and the conductor took the bus fare from me. Later finding seats to be unoccupied the bus conductor came and sat next to me. This conductor was one of the funniest conductor you could have ever met. He had a habit of taking the names of the bus stops in a funny stretched up way. The funny way of calling the bus stops sounded more like he was selling the bus stop (Like they do in vegetable market). This made him much popular among the students and other passengers travelling in the bus.

Being a kind man, he approached me with a smile and asked me which song I was hearing. Sure, a song playing in your earphones was the coolest thing to do while travelling in a bus. “English hai” I answered. After a bit of awkward silence I asked him if he knew that he is one of the celebrated people by the students of my batch because of his strange though funny way of doing his job. He laughed and went a bit shy there by saying, “I do such things to entertain people travelling in my bus”. As the conversation started growing up, he asked me what course I am pursuing at this college and after taking my answer he smiled and replied after a moment,

“I did M.A in English language”

and again gave a smile but with a great pain compressing in him. I was shocked and without thinking much I asked him why is he a bus conductor? He said he was doing this job for the past 10 years and was happy with it. It was a government job and gave him security to his job. To my surprise, I asked if he could be a teacher in government schools to which he replied at the time of providing a teachers job he was asked for a cash amount of rupees thirty thousand to be a teacher in a state government school and as he belonged to a poor background he certainly failed in it and the teachers job was out of reach. Then he added this job gave him peace and somehow payment of a conductor or a teacher does not vary much.

Meanwhile the bus reached its destination and I had to get off. This was the last day of college before the end of first semester and even the last day that conductor was seen on that route. Next time when I took the same bus he was seen nowhere.

So the scenario here, in our country, a guy with a degree in M.A from an esteemed university has to take a job of a bus conductor and be contained with it. Though the degree was well enough for him to get a decent job, he chose to be a conductor instead. Somehow, there was a fault in the person too. Instead of being contained to what he got, he could have gone trying for something better. The man was lazy and equally fearing. He feared the change. The conditions of a teacher too are not that good in the country. A reform is must; which will credit the deserving people more.


Finishing on a lighter note :

“You don’t always get changes, you should start bringing change with you.”