SHORT : Why is that we recognize love only when it ends?

There are times when we have to stop loving someone, not because we start hating them, but because we realize they would be much happier if we let them go. I think, in most of the cases the only reason behind not realizing the value of true love until its lost is because we are not completely being honest with each others. Sitting and wondering where we went wrong and why the hell the shit is happening to us. Be it failure in relationship, we start cursing fate or circumstances or other reasons to make us go through hell. But somewhere deep inside, we all know where we make fault. It’s just we don’t wanna face the same. The strange thing is, We All have some dirt in mind. Be it vanity, arrogance or ego but certainly, it prohibits you to be true to yourself. This is the root cause of everything.


Trying to often run away, from who we are. Wanting ourselves to be different. Often feeling we miss the mark. Wanting to be more this and more that. So much conflict we carry in our hearts at times about ourselves and yet this conflict gets us nowhere and is quite meaningless because we are always just going to be us. Love is a very serious and intense feeling and this post is not about wanting to hurt those feelings. Just understand that if it’s not meant to be, it’s not meant to be. Then whatever may be the reason for things not turning out the way you wanted them to be, it was just not meant to be. Your love might have been your life, but eventually, there is a life without that love as well. It’s high time, you need to get over it.