Comic Trivia – 101

In the last few years, we have seen a number of movies portray our favorite comic book characters and this has made almost everyone a self proclaimed comic-book fan (nerd). Sure we all love to boast our knowledge on the subject and there is always one guy in our group who can go on and on about facts he/she read somewhere or saw in the movies or cartoons, but a real fan or nerd is the one who actually read the comics and has a collection to show for it. The movies do explain a lot about our beloved characters but they do tend to miss out on some details that only a select few know. Here are some random facts about your favorite characters that you may not know.

1. Tony Stark is an alcoholic.


This controversial issue may not have been properly shown in the blockbuster series as Disney didn’t really like the idea that Iron Man has a serious drinking problem.

2. Iron Man is a villain in the recent comic books


After the Civil War series (not the movie) and the event called AXIS, most of the story line in the Marvel Universe has changed including one big change for Iron Man.

3. The Original Superman wasn’t this charming


The original drafts of Superman before he became the hunky superhero were that of a bald alien. He was only super strong and could not fly.

Though in 90's a series was intrduced with bald superman called "retroactive Superman".
Though in 90’s a series was intrduced with bald superman called “retroactive Superman”.

4. Kryptonite isn’t his only weakness


Almost every superman fan would know this but for the mere mortals who just saw the Man of Steel and thought they have a pretty good knowledge about the superhero, the superhero is also vulnerable to magic.

5. The first batman issue had him use guns


The initial release of Batman comics showed one of the most popular superheroes as a detective who used Guns. If this would have continued, we are pretty sure you won’t have liked The Dark Knight series that much.

6. Batman beat the Hulk


In one of the crossovers between Marvel and Dc, Batman managed to beat the Hulk in a fight.


7. Spider-man may have been called the fly


The initial ideas for the name of this superheroes were ‘The Fly’ and ‘Insect Man’

8. Spider-man was once a member of the Fantastic Four


Yes! In of the fantastic four issues, he was recruited by Dr. Reed to replace a deceased member of the team

9. The Joker was going to be killed off in his first appearance


The writer was going to kill off the super-villain in the Batman series but we are glad he didn’t do that and the menacing character still lives.

10. Wolverine is only 5’3″


Good things do come in small packages.

11. The Flash beat Quicksilver in a race.


This small piece of information has been floating around the internet after both the characters made it big on TV and the movies. But in a race that took place in a crossover between the two comic book giants, The Flash wins.


That’s all folks! We will be back soon with some more trivia!

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