“ Arrow ” is more than just a live-action comic book

Hands down, I feel like Arrow has done a better job bringing a comic book universe to the small screen than just about anything else I’ve watched.
The One Thing I learnt from the serial is that- ‘Bad things are going to happen in your life, people will hurt you, disrespect you, play with your feelings.. But you shouldn’t use that as an excuse to fail to go on and to hurt the whole world. You will end up hurting yourself and wasting your precious time. Don’t always think of revenging, just let things go and move on with your life. Remember everything happens for a reason and when one door closes, the other opens for you with new blessings and love..’. The Most Effective Way To Bear A Pain Is To Embrace It. Also According to Ra’s Al Ghul “There is no greater birth than the one you are about to take on, the annihilation of one’s home.”


It’s hard to let go of that fairy tales entirely, because almost everyone has that smallest bit of faith and hope that one day they would open their eyes and it would all come true. At the end of the day, faith is a funny thing. It turns up when you don’t really expect it. It’s like one day you realize that the fairy tale is slightly different than your dream. The castle, well it may not be a castle. And it’s not so important that it’s happily ever after just that it’s happy right now. See, once in a while, once in a blue moon, people will surprise you. And once in a while, people may even take your breath away.

If Arrow inspires people to pick up some comic books and read deeper, that’s awesome. The series hints at a lot but there’s a great deal more to all of these character’s stories to explore. And if fans don’t read further… it’s still pretty good television.