best Superhero symbols

The Symbol strikes fear into villains and fill our hearts with hope. For this list we will be looking at the

best symbols associated with particular superheroes. Besides the famous dialogue we all know says

“People need dramatic examples to shake them out of apathy and I can’t do that as Bruce Wayne. Asa man, I’m flesh and blood, I can be ignored, I can be destroyed; but as a symbol… as a symbol I canbe incorruptible, I can be everlasting.”

Here are few of the Superhero symbols and their meaning.

9. Green Lantern’s Lantern


Some of the best symbols stand for more than just one specific person and that’s exactly what the

iconic lantern does. There are tons of Green Lanterns Patrolling the universe and almost all bear the

lantern on their chest. While this logo loses some points for lack of creativity but sometimes simple

is better and the color scheme and minimalist design work together perfectly.

8. Fantastic Fours’ Four


Simple? Yes but when villain see the number four in the little white circle, they know they are about

to get clobbered. Well only three members of the team wear logo mainly because its hard for the

thing to put into shirt. Its one of the most recognized symbols in the marvel universe. You know you

have a good logo when it is essentially stays the same for over 50 years.

7. X-Men’s X


While the X isn’t the most creative symbol on the list, it certainly is recognised. When you see that X,

you know you are dealing with X-Men, a superhero team up means led by Charles Xavier. There are

many different color schemes of the symbol however which have changed several times over the

years but usually an encircled yellow or black X over red background.

6. The Flash’s Lightning Bolt


Does the flash even need a logo? Considering he can run so fast, no one will be able to see it. If we

did catch a glimpse at the iconic lightning bolt however they would no doubt run as fast as they

could in the opposite direction, not that that would help. The red and yellow color scheme is

extremely impactful while the lightning actually represents the Flash’s incredible speed.

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5. SpiderMan’s Spider


While Spiderman symbol has been modified several times over the years, the general design always

remain the same. Spidy Spider is one of the most recognizable symbols in the marvel world. The

symbol is usually black allowing it to clearly stand out against the red and white backdrop up

spiderman’s cost you. The logo is easily recognizable and a source of fear for criminals and

super villains alike.

4. Wonder Woman’s Double W


While Wonder Woman’s twin W’s represent her initials, the design also looks like a bird with being

stretched out; demonstrating her ability to fly. And matches the shape of the costume perfectly.

Some versions of the design actually give the symbol an Eagle’s head furthering the insignias

patriotic symbolism. Add in the stars with red white and blue color scheme, Wonder Woman is

perfect embodiment of a female strength and determination.

3. Captain America’s STAR


Simple. Patriotic. And Iconic. Captain America’s Star is the definition of American Strength. The

intensity of the colors has changed slightly over the years but the design on the shield largely

remains the same, A White star in a blue circle surrounded by rings red and white. The star is also

located on Cap’s chest and can likely be found in the nightmares of every member of Hydra.

2. Superman’s ‘S’


Is it an ‘S’? or the cryptonium symbol. Well the ‘S’ stands for Hope. Regardless Superman’s logo is

not only one of the most famous symbols in the DC universe, it is one of the most famous symbols in

the entire world and it sets the standard for all superhero logos to fall. The bright red catch the eye

instantly while the upside down triangle brings to mind the durability of the other diamond. Is there

a more iconic superhero image and shot of Clark kent opening his drescher to reveal the famous ‘S’.

1. Batman’s Bat


-Why Bats Master Wayne?

-Bats used to frighten me. Its time my enemies shared my dread.

The Batman logo is unique and innovative. It comprises of a black bat with spread wings, depicting

bravery and heroism. The color of the Batman logo is black, providing the logo with a fearsome

image. The background of the logo is grey; the color compliments all distinctive features of the logo.

The perfect blend of cool and iconic, the bat symbol is our top choice for the best superhero logo.

The negative space creating the black accurately represents batman’s dark nature and brooding

persona. The symbol looks great on everything. Batmna’s belt, and almost evry gadget he carries.

Whether it comes with yellow oval or not it always looks great especially when emblezoned across

the sky.