What we do in classroom

Dedicated to all those crazy and creative youngsters out there, who have difficulties sitting in a classroom for the whole boring day!

For sure boredom kills but at the end of the day attendance is what matters. Let it be rain, cold or heat there are few students who have to attend lectures. Call them wise or fool but the risk of getting detained makes them sit in the class. So what do these students do? Let’s take a look on this compilation

1. Most of them don’t know what to day.


Most of us start our day by lazy mood and thinking what I will do at the college. Same old

routine and sitting idle. But suddenly the thought of attendance makes you just get ready and run…

As you don’t want to write extra assignments at the end of the submissions..


2. Listening during lectures and still having a blank expression.


Every day we all in class listening to what stuff only teacher knows… As soon as the

teacher ask the”Does everyone understand the topic?”… And in order to save yourself from the

questions you are with a blank expression.

3. Whatever going on during lectures trolls are made… as we are jobless people

A checked assignment having lines “Abki baar modi sarkar”

When we are jobless we are the most creative person on the planet. Whatever you hear

from anyone you instantly create jokes on it. Mostly you are like wow “I am so creative”.

4.The target is to just sit for college timings and get that attendance.

source : tpnn.comsource tpnn.com

You sit in the class helplessly and listening to those boring stuff and then the teacher

says ”We will continue tomorrow..”.. the feeling is like finally hard-work pays off.


5. To spend time in the perfect manner!


You are out of options and do not have a lot to study. So all you can do is.. like these cool guys out there… play Clash of Clans, surf internet or take on the notebook and play some stupid kiddish games! STORY OF MY LIFE.



6.The reaction when asked to answer any question.


Your first reaction is why me ? and then you feel like laughing with a blank expression

on you face and saying to yourself”Ask the toppers man and leave me alone”

7.Sitting dumb is the best thing happens to every student.


Till the college gets over you are in the world of dream land and this happens to every student.

You keep on revolving around the world with good memories and saying to yourself those were

the days worth living for it… Exciting and adventurous..