Perks of having college in jungle!

[HIGHLY SARCASTIC] It happens like this, most of the students fail to get into much respected colleges like IIT’s, NIT’s or IIM’S and are left with “Other colleges”. These other colleges are quiet unique. Apart from being “Mera to IIT pakka tha par…” type college they have one more important characteristic. They are located in Jungle. There are several perks of having such a college. They are nature oriented, peaceful, crowd around the college is dope, restaurants and food stalls nearby are again just Wow! So now we will take a look on perks of having your college in Jungle,

  1. You are in womb of nature,


The geographical location is so uptight that you may feel ‘Green India movement was started from the gates of your college’. With too much of trees around, you get to be in the womb of nature. Everything is so delightful and cheered up that this will motivate you to complete your degree ASAP and run away. No fancy building around or any other hangout spot.

With too much of trees, herbs and plants it appears like they handpicked you and dropped in the era when human civilization took place.


  1. Food crisis?



As basically you live in a village and obviously your resources are limited. Late night hunger strikes and makes you crave for ‘Maa k haat ka khana’(food made by mother). Shutters of all the shops are down and proper supper stores are too far from your location to go. These are the moments when 2-minute noodles act as a life sav… oh wait, They are banned! An alternative? You can cook food on your own and try to get a feel of Homemade food. This is tough for some of you but face it such colleges make you learn how to cook different dishes more than they teach you.



  1. You are a trained driver by now!




With all proper hangouts and happening places around 15-20 KM far from you gives you the option to ride your bike or to borrow one from your mates. Either it be a movie destination or a date with a junior, a proper transportation adds flavors to life. If you can drive/ride it’s cool but if you can’t then you must have learnt to on our friends vehicle. “Dude! Take a Public transport sometimes!”.



  1. Bonding with others



You are able to catch up with others because you hear other ones disparaging the college and what else can be a better convo-starter. Break the ice! Slam the college. Such bonding tend to last long and even after college is done, you meet with your buddies around a pitcher and discuss the hell about your college, TRUE STORY!


  1. Good attendance cause bunking really isn’t an option



Face it! Where the hell do you think you are going to run from the boring lectures? On that long banyan tree behind your college premises? Or the same old creepy canteen? Trust me, you have nowhere else to go. So buckle up and sleep during the lectures.

  1. Why go to the zoo?


Why go to a zoo when your college provides facility of letting nearby animals visit your college premises? Each now and then some animal gets into your campus. Duh! Not to study. You get a fancy time watching authorities catch the sneaker.


  1. Crowd? Really? crowd.



The area around your campus is either a jungle or a village. If it’s a jungle, you won’t be judged. Come on! Leopards don’t judge but if your college is around a village then god save you all from the judgement and restrictions created by the crowd around your college. The dressing sense, the living culture most get affected. So the perk here is, you are taught “How to live in a society”.

  1. Parents are in peace


They know you can’t run away and you won’t easily learn any bad habits (LoL) if you are in such an environment. According to them, now you can study hard and party less. Though which isn’t true, We do find out ways to chill in any unfavorable circumstances. THAT’S WHAT WE DO.


I just wrote too much of words, probably might have slipped out few points. If you got some such points, share with us in the comment section and we can compile a new post!