Episodes of FRIENDS worth watching… always!

Friends of our generation are defined by this series. The bond between a sophisticated divorcee, a “clean” chef, a reformed fashionista, an “outstanding” actor, a freak masseuse and a sarcastic(I still dont know this guy’s job!!), just showed us what friendship values are in our busy life. Though it started around 21 years back and ended in 2004, its one such TV series that is still watched around worldwide!

Browse back your memories about this as we bring one of the most watched episodes of this series.

10. The One where Chandler keeps walking out on Monica!!


A super-excited pregnant Monica, runaway Chandler, his “father” and mother in the same room, two confused bridesmaids, a “struggling” actor and an ass-kicking brother; killer chemistry to have in a single episode!

9. The One with the stupid jellyfish and the realllllly long letter!!

on a break

A heartbroken Phoebe returns home to find out that Discovery Channel knowledge was used to cure a sting and what a break means!

8. The One where a box redefines friendship!

live in a box

Threefold reasons of staying in a box, a girl going out with her ex’s son; yea, that’s really twisted!

7. The One with everyones head in a turkey!

turkey dance

Never.. Never ever play “which was the worst Thanksgiving”… Ever!!

6. The One with the best proposal!


That.. u see.. that is the way you nail a proposal! Awwwww…..


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5. The One with the “Truth”Day!


What do you think is gonna happen when all your secrets unravel in front of your parents?? That too by your own sibling???

4. The One with the whole Who came onto Who?


How about instead of this, you go backpacking through western Europe, huh?

3. The One where the Lightning Round takes a toll!


Even if you happen to know a lot about your friends, never ever bet something like this on it!

2. The One where everyone starts knowing everything and we are confused as to who knows what


Someone knows something. Someone else knows someone knows, but someone doesnt know that. And then someone else starts knowing something else… ugh!! Long story short, there is something that no one knows other one knows, but finally everyone knows everything. Wait, what???

1. The One where everyone cried.


The last two episodes of the series that lasted a decade. It never should have ended.. *sigh*