8 Lesser Known Facts About DEADPOOL

Anyone whose ever read a comic comic-book knows about deadpool. He’s the merc with the mouth, he’s the guy with probably the most number of kills in the whole marvel universe. Since his first appearance in New Mutants #98 in 1991 he has had somewhat of a cult following. He’s ranked #13 in IGN’s top 100 comic book heroes list, has stared in his own video-game and the movie to be out next year. So here’s a list of some of the lesser known facts about the merc with the mouth.


1) The Idea Of DEADPOOL Has Been “Borrowed” From The DC Universe


Yup fellas its true, Rob Liefeld the creator of deadpool is said to have based his character on DC comics’ DEATHSTROKE . The similarities are till such extent that DEADPOOL’s real name WADE Wilson is a play on DEATHSTROKE’s real name “SLADE Wilson”. In fact in a DC and MARVEL crossover in the past you can see deadpool “interacting” with deathstroke periodically.


2) He Has Fought And Killed Dead Presidents.


Yes, you read that right. There is a series of deadpool comics where he fights of dead zombie US presidents from the past including Abraham Lincoln, FDR and others in the New York city. One can expect such action only from deadpool


3) He Has The Ability To Break The Fourth Wall


Well everybody knows about deadpool’s ability to break the fourth wall there is nothing new about it but the fact that DEADPOOL knows that he’s in a comic book being read by us people is something else altogether. He frequently reminds readers that he is aware of him being a comic book character and also references real world pop culture events. He is also a huge fan of the old star trek movies and has at many times shot people in the face when show hate for his favorites.


4) He Has Killed The Marvel Universe……..Literally


After an experiment gone awry DEADPOOL set off on a killing spree killing every famous villain and superhero from MARVEL in a mini series titled “Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe”. Even though deadpool is one of the most deadliest characters in the marvel universe with the accelerated healing power and the wide arsenal of weapons (including a sheep cannon……yes!) it seems like an impossible task to kill everyone. Well not for DEADPOOL who kills each and every character without stressing himself even a bit. He blows up the AVENGERS. Kills the FANTASTIC FOUR with just his

sword and martial arts. Shoots SPIDER-MAN in the head and in a legendary fight with HULK (where

deadpool heals himself after being decapitated) he sneaks up on a sleeping Bruce Banner and rips him

apart as soon as he is awake. He even has the guts to face Wolverine with the skin of BEAST around his body as a fur coat.


5) He Has Also Killed Our Favorite Fictional Characters


After killing the marvel universe DEADPOOL decides to kill the characters of the fictional universe like Sherlock Holmes and others who served as an inspiration for the very own marvel heroes. Teamed up with the homicidal FRANKENSTIEN monster he lays waste to the teams of character’s like Sherlock Holmes and others without breaking a sweat.


6) Many Versions Of Deadpool


Deadpool has a lot of versions all thanks to alternate universes, time travel and retro continuity. As mentioned earlier the “Deadpool” that kills the entire marvel universe is infact a version of deadpool from another universe called “DREADPOOL.” Altogether the squad of various pools boasts of a Lady Pool (basically a female version of deadpool), Dog Pool ( dog in a Deadpool costume), HeadPool(zombified head with Deadpool’s psychotic mentality), PandaPool( the panda that endangers you) and many others


7) Deadpool Approves Ryan Reynolds For His Big


Screen Adaption Despite FOX studios having being bent on destroying deadpool first by giving him a sucky story-line in X-MEN origins then by shelving the character for years before making a movie on it and the finally by being hell bent of making the deadpool movie a PG-13 but even after all these wrongdoings FOX STUDIOS have made an intelligent decision by choosing Ryan Reynolds to play Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds not only is a great actor but understands deadpool for who is which is not just a manic killing machine with a sick sense of humour but a troubled man and the fact that that deadpool honours nothing but one thing that is his contracts. Infact hes fought many times to get the film an R rating and as being one of the producers he even shelled out extra money for it. Even Deadpool has at many instances approved Ryan Reynolds.


8) Deadpool Is Actually Very Intelligent And Is Capable Of Compassion


Even though DEADPOOL has an appetite for merciless bloodshed and sadistic violence, he is quite capable of showing compassion. Various times in the comics he can be seen interacting with children in a way that the children love (example when he plays kind of a mentor to a very young APOCALYPSE). Deapool’s back story also has him know several languages and different types martial arts. He also has the ability to be unpredictable to the point that even taskmaster cannot defeat him, such is deadpool’s awesomeness.