Barney Stinson and suits are brothers for life. One cant take suits out of Barney. We have enlisted all those moments when Barney didn’t suit up!


1. Sweet Taste of Liberty


In 1.3(Season.Episode) Barney “snow suits up” in Sweet Taste of Liberty, when building an igloo in Central Park. He unsuccessfully tries to get Ted to join him.

2. Okay Awesome



In 1.5 When Barney Stinson and Ted decide to go to the pub. Barney wears something so catchy that Lilly calls it shinning like a mirror. Barney meets a girl, flirts with her in the end to find out she was his cousin.

3. The Slutty pumpkin

1.6 Ted hears music coming from direction of door, Ted opens the door to find Barney dressed in flight suit with “Danger Zone” playing behind him, Barney walks in a few steps, takes off his sunglasses and shakes his head around. Later on the roof top party, Barney is also seen as Masked Devil and the a Penguin. All these troubles to impress a cute girl!

4. Belly full of turkey

barney voulnteer

Robin and Ted have no plans for Thanksgiving and decide to help out at a soup kitchen. When they arrive there, they find Barney volunteering there already. The organizer tells them that they don’t need more volunteers, but after some pleading, they are allowed to help. They find out that the food received as donations to the soup kitchen is actually taken by many volunteers. Ted, seeing this, begins to distribute rare food items to the needy. Ted, Robin, and Barney are kicked out, and Barney (who was volunteer of the year) is pissed at Ted because Barney needed to volunteer there because he was arrested for public urination one night.

5. How lilly stole Christmas


2.11 Barney is sick and keeps on ignoring his cold. Later he is found upset on his bed in tees and pyjamas.


6. Monday Night Football


2.14 when the gang had to leave the Monday night football game and go to the funeral of Mike, a bartender at MacLaren’s. To continue hanging out at the bar, they had to show up in the funeral. Barney decided to not wear suit at the funeral because suits were supposed to be full of joy and belonged to the living.

7. Lucky Penny


2.15 Barney runs NY Marathon in a tracksuit. This is open to interpretation, as to whether a tracksuit counts as a suit.

8. Stuff


2.16 Barney doesn’t suits up to perform in a theater, just to show how terrible Lilly’s play was


9. We’re not from here


3.2 Barney doesn’t suit up when posing as tourist with Ted . Just to get with tourist chicks

1o. Little Boys


barney 3.4b

3.4 In this episode Barney is twice without suits. One when in Ted’s thoughts and other outside the yoga class.
Ted and Stacey, the girl from the bar, have begun dating so he gloats to Barney about winning the bet. However, Barney makes Ted uncomfortable with thoughts that Barney has already been with Stacey and Ted breaks up with Stacey.

barney 3.4

Then Barney reveals that he had not slept with Stacey at all; on the night of the bet, he asked Stacey to slap him to make it appear as though she hated him to set up the entire ruse that they had slept together. As Ted gloated his dates with Stacey, Barney learned details about Stacey’s yoga classes so that he could be there for her when she broke up with Ted.


11. The Yips!


3.10 Barney meets the women, to whom he lost his virginity, Rhonda. She has already forgotten him. And he has the yips. Inorder to get back on track Barney tries to sleep with her again.




12. Everything must go


3.19 Barney is upset from Ted so is Abby. So Barney decides to help Abby get back at Ted by staging a fake proposal, but Abby doesn’t realize that it’s fake. So to look a perfect couple, Barney decides to skip his suit and go for a matching sweater with Abby.

13. The Front Porch


4.17 Robin forces the gang to watch her news show, which airs 4 in the morning. The gang decides to show up in their night dresses. Barney shows up in his “Night-Suit” which is literally a suit made from night cloth materials. Whereas Marshal is wearing a night shirt, designed by his grandfather Olof. Later in the end of episode, courtesy to Marshal’s influence Barney shows up in the night shirt too! Although The night shirt was a party popper when 2 hot chick showed up on his door and he was wearing the night shirt!

14. Murtaugh

4.19 Ted’s revealing of the list as a challenge, and makes a bet with him that he can perform every item on the list within the following 24 hours. If he cannot, he will spend three hours listening to Ted talk about architecture, an idea so horrible even the thought of it causes him to twitch involuntarily. One of them involving him to not wear suit and sleep on faulty mattress

15. The sexless Innkeeper

barney 5.4

5.4 Ted is wearing a tweed jacket at MacLaren’s. He claims it attracts the ladies, but after a woman leaves his apartment in the morning without having sex, Barney calls him “The Sexless Innkeeper.” He elaborates with a poem set in a Dickensian version of Queens, where he was caught in a blizzard, walked a few blocks to an ugly woman’s apartment, and feigned sleep to avoid sex. Ted is understandably annoyed at the new nickname.

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LYRICS of the poem

[su_expand more_text=”CLICK TO EXPAND the Lyrics of ‘THE SEXLESS INNKEEPER'” link_style=”button” link_align=”center” more_icon=”icon: arrow-down”]

Twas the night before New Year’s
And the weather grew mean
Twas three in the morning
And I was stranded in Queens!

The tavern grew empty
The gas lights grew dim
The horse-drawn carriages
Were all but snowed in

Last call was approaching
And my fortunes looked bleak
Then I turned to my left
And stifled a shriek!

She had a peach-fuzz beard
And weighed sixteen stone
She gobbled up hot wings
And swallowed the bones

I muffled a scream
And threw up in my mouth
I asked, “Where do you live?”
And she said, “One block south.”

I swallowed my pride
And six shots of Whiskey
And prayed to the gods
That she wasn’t too frisky

Back in her cave
She prepared us a snack
Neath her mighty hooves
The floorboards did crack

But when she returned
She found a sound sleeper
And thus she became
The sexless innkeeper


16. The Playbook

barney 5.8k

5.8 After Robin and Barney broke up, Barney dusts off his playbook filled with strategies on how to pick up women and Lily seeks to put a stop to it. Barney sitting is sitting at MacLaren’s in a full scuba suit drinking scotch. Also in this episode Barney is also seen in an Aladdin like costume referring his man parts as Genie. Trying to do a playbook act. HE also acts as the Ted Mosby.


17. Girls Verses Suits

bs 5.12

5.12 When Barney had to when he’s trying to hook up with the hot bartender who doesn’t like men in suits. Barney had to stop wearing suits which fell hard on him. He was day-dreaming that suits were asking him to “suit up”.

18. Dopplegangers


5.24 Marshall and Lily make a pact to start trying to have a baby once they finally see Barney’s doppelgänger. In this episode, Barney dressed up like a brunette cab driver tried to influence the couple to not have a baby. Later on when Barney realizes that the addition of a baby to the gang would not be that bad after all, and dresses up as an Estonian street performer in order to convince Lily that the fifth doppelgänger has appeared. Lily and Marshall see through his act, but thank him for the gesture, assuring him that he will be a part of their family.

19. The slutty pumpkin returns



7.8 Robin learns from Barney’s father Jerome Whittaker through Facebook that Barney’s paternal grandmother was born in Manitoba, thus making Barney one-quarter Canadian. Barney is horrified and Robin teases him as revenge for all the mockery she endured from him over the years. She agrees to stop if Barney wears a Mountie costume for the Halloween party on the roof, but Barney resists and winds up wearing an American-themed boxing outfit instead. Robin points out that Barney is not uncomfortable on the cold rooftop in his shirtless costume, due to his Canadian ancestry. When he returns home later, a fantasy sequence ensues in which his Canadian side manifests physically and Barney futilely tries to beat him up; the Canadian version of Barney is unfailingly polite, friendly – and unharmed – throughout the attack.

20. The Broath


7.19 when Ted broke the bro-code, by telling the gangs what Quinn exactly does for a living. Barney gives Ted his fake history lesson of the ancient BROME. Where Ted plays BROTUS and Barney is Julius Caesar. The lines were “Et Tu Brote”. “Then he banged like 100 chics and invented salads!”

21. Now we’re even


7.21 a new plot of Barney’s to “make every night legendary” by doing things like establishing a Mariachi band and bringing a horse inside MacLaren’s. Barney insists Ted join him, but finally Ted balks at Barney’s proposal to bungee-jump off of the Statue of Liberty. Barney locks Ted out of the apartment to make him go out on the town, but Ted just goes down to MacLaren’s instead. Finally Barney admits that he needs Ted to take Barney’s mind off of Quinn stripping in the Lusty Leopard. Ted, deciding to help him out, takes up Barney’s challenge to pick up a woman while wearing a green dress.


The end – suit up