Referee left clueless after a perfect stickup by Chelsea’s Diego Costa

Diego Costa’s actions against Arsenal showed that he is the master of pushing the rules when in sight and messing with them when referee turns his back on him.


He argued, he provoked, he ceased the flow of the game, he skillfully got an opponent sent off. And still left the field with no fouls committed, thanks to his brilliant skills of play-acting.

Tangling under the high ball, Costa overcharged, shrugged off Laurent koscielny in the face, following the push by the Frenchman (koscielny), Costa chest-bumped him to the ground.

It was like a virus that spread over the time, Gabriel came in and pulled Costa away. As they were going off, Costa whispered in his ears, “kick me.. do it”. Gabriel kicked him, or rather flicked his leg, Bingo.. referee saw that offense, and that’s Diego Costa for you, referee showed Gabriel a straight red. Costa shook his head in disbelief, and suddenly became a gentleman of the game, being the “good boy” for the referee as he was perfectly illusionated by Costa.


Is this really an expert game management as Mourinho referred, counselling the players to control their emotions on the field? This Portuguese international is a man who in liga BBVA, was known for his expert niggling, diplomatic comments, taunting coaches and players, arrogant nature.


Actually, it was Costa who didn’t seem to be in control of his own emotions as he manhandled Koscielny around. Another referee might have sent him off. But at the same time his brilliantly choreographed maneuver had detected a refereeing mistake, that lead to the sending off of another player, who was caught in the moment and got unlucky.



There are probably two things worth taking from this. First, the opposition trying to get Costa sent off by using his own tactics against him, exposing Chelsea’s weakness or it may be the other way round, Chelsea getting the advantage of Costa’s skills of getting the players off and the backing of mourinho giving the player to do that more often. Secondly, Chelsea’s lack of discipline, the fans, the fans really didn’t like this event as they may start to boo costa at Stamford bridge, which eventually may affect his game at bridge or away from home.