10 Reasons Why Batman is Best Superhero Ever!

Whenever you see Batman rescuing people on the TV screen, you just can’t stop cheering him. You can’t stop the child inside you from jumping off the seat and saying “Take him down BATMAN!”. Superheroes have been a source of inspiration for all ages. Whether you’re a comic guy or a movie buff, you can’t deny the everlasting impact these guys have on our culture. Ever since we were kids we looked up to these guys and have always dreamt of becoming one. These characters are so attached to our subconscious that we can’t go through a week without thinking or imagining about them in our day-to-day life activities. So we are bringing to you the reasons why Batman was, is and always will be the best.

  1. Because He knows what loss is, he has suffered a lot of pain in his life. He saw his parents getting killed and then he swore an oath to rid the Gotham city of the evil that had taken his parents’ lives.


  1. Beacause he represents a symbol. As a kid he was always afraid of the bats, so he took up the mantle of the bat. He overcame his fears, he became something more than just flesh and blood. He became BATMAN.


  1. Because he has a code, he lives by his rules. He can kill anyone if he wants to, but he chooses not to. That’s what separates him from what he’s fighting against. He seeks justice, not revenge.


  1. Because he’s human. Batman doesn’t have any superpowers, all he has is his wits, body and will. He has dedicated his entire life to fighting crime. His training in martial arts, his mastery in different styles like Muay Tai, Judo, and taekwondo makes him more than a superhero.


  1. Beacause he has the greatest superhero movie series of all the time. Oh yeah, even Christopher Nolan couldn’t resist himself from the creation of dark knight triology which took the legend Batman to a whole new level. Plus all the excitement about Batman Vs Superman.


  1. Because he has the most awesome superhero animated series of all the time. Words are not enough to describe the epicness of this series. The voices of Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill made the batman adventures came to life.


  1. Because he has the coolest superhero video games. The arkham series video games added yet another milestone in the Baman video games. These critically acclaimed video games make batman coolest superhero ever.


  1. Because he has the most interesting villains, arguably the best rogues gallery. Ra’s, The Joker, Two Face, Bane, Poison-Ivy, Scarecrow, The Penguin, the Riddler and a lot more. So many exciting characters, well developed and widely popular.


  1. Because anyone can be Batman as long as you have Ambition, Brillience and unless you are a dreamer, challenger and achiever. We don’t need to be Kryptonian or to be bitten by radioactive spider to become a superhero. We need a strong discipline and firm willpower to become a hero. Batman represents an idea,


  1. Because he never gives up. He has human limitations and weakness, but that doesn’t stop him from doing what is right. When encountered with guys who were stronger than him in strength and had superpowers, he didn’t back off.