Impeccable party wear for girls!

Planning to go out someday soon? to a pub with friends or a romantic date? What to wear and what not to. Listen girl, you have a lot to figure out before you feel stupendous enough for your next powwow night!

Now let’s figure out what will suit you the most. Party clothes are not the usual ones. You have a lot of options when you get ready for your day work but night is different. You need to look gorgeous and sexy enough to get all you want that night. Now let’s see what you can dawn for a classy night out!


If you are going to a pub, you got to look eyeball grabber! and what better than a sexy black outfit? black is beautiful. Now I have few opinions for you. Either go for a long black outfit or get one knee longed.

Feel free to click on the images and get a better view out of these!

This classy outfits network is one of my favorite!

The net pattern around shoulder region is new and makes you look (SEXY)x3 and a high heel on it surely will do the damage you want to happen!

Other option with which you can stick is going with an ultra classy designer dress like this one :

The invincible designer cloth you can see above has a unique patterned skirt. A lip gloss and heals will make anyone Bou-chicka-bou bou!

One more cool thing you can do is stick with a sexy top and a mini denim skirt!

These are the most easy pickings. a wild, sexy top easy to find in your wardrobe. Just make sure you don’t use your daily wears. You have to look fresh and different. Don’t let others relate any events with your clothes like “is that the same top you wore when you were hitting on Ananya’s ex?” come on, we don’t want that to happen. At all.



A tank top and a plazo pants!!

Plazo Pants are comfy and classy at the same time. You can dance like hell and look stunning at the same time. A perfect top selection with such can be a bit tricky but focus on contrasting tops with plazos.


“…something comfortable n classy since ul b dancing n al n also comfortable footwear if ua not comfy with stilettos wedges r best”

This is what I got when asked about footwear’s.Wedges like these can never go bad with denims and top and at the same time stilettos are classy with long black dresses. Take a look at them and gram ’em!


So what are you waiting for girl? Black is sexy but if you ask me “PEACH IS THE NEW BLACK”.

Wear what suits you, look fab, be yourself and rest you are just gonna be indomitable!