Hooliganism on the streets of Delhi

The incident took place on the streets of Delhi on 20th sept when a couple with their kids were going for a party and they found a car park behind theirs with hand break on. The husband of Nisha Singh, Mr. Sanjeev Kumar (Vice President at Starcom MediaVest Group) tried to express his discomfort to the car owner when he arrived by saying

भाई साहब आप लोग मेरी गाडी के ठीक सामने अपनी गाड़ी क्यों पार्क कर दी और काम से काम हैंड ब्रेक तो न लगते ताकि गाड़ी को इधर उधर खिसका कर अपनी गाड़ी निकल सकता।


Mr. you parked your car in front of mine. Atleast you should not have left the parking brakes on. I could have moved yours by pushing and taken out my car.


. This simple genuine sentence made the car owner furious and he replied by calling names and yelling :

पार्किंग तेरे बाप की है? – Does our dad own this parking?

With his wife too using uncultured and extreme abuses towards Sanjeev Kumar. Then this guy called his family and his 2 sons aged 20-25 reached with rods and started beating Sanjeev.


This is the facebook post by Nisha Singh on this shocking road rage incident.


The post by her :

Can’t believe this has happened with me. Till today used to hear in news or read in news papers that this is happening on Delhi Roads but didn’t know that today will be d unfortunate day when I myself had to go through this. Very excited n happily I was going to my colleagues party with my husband n two little kids. Upon reaching out car we realised that there is this car parked (image given) parked behind our car with hand break ON. We checked with everybody near about the car but no body knew who this car belonged to. After waiting for almost half n hour a middle aged man n women appear talking n Sat in car. My husband went to them n told that man to at least have d hand break down when parking car behind any other car like this. Just saying this that men started quarreling saying that “ye tere baap ka road hai ” n her wife started using dirty n abusive language. Even after that my husband stated walking towards our car as they seemed dirty paople n he didn’t want to get into any mess. That men came out of his car n started hitting my husband. They both had a fight for sometime n then we call d up PCR. In the meantime PCR was coming that lady called up her home n two of her young sons aged between 22 to 25 years came with a steel rod on bike n by d time I could reach my husband one of those boys hit him on his head, arm and side waist. That boys also pushed me n I fell as I was trying to control them. As my husband by bleeding profusely I left that place n brought him to hospital. Police Came to hospital after about 2 hours n took our statement. Till now I do not have a copy of the FIR i am only given a FIR number verbally. We also tried to reach Mr. SHO on his mobile but initially it was unreachable n den just ringing. No response. The police involved must have been sleeping by now but I am unable to sleep coz as soon as I am closing my eyes, I am getting those images of my husband being beaten up n bleeding n my crying n helpness of not being able to stop it is hovering me. My humble request to all who r reading this post to have this pic shared to the maximum so that it reaches to right authorities n take serious action on it. We have these criminal minded people living around us as civilians who do not hesitate n can go to an extent of even killing somebody.

Later that night Sanjeev posted on fb about the incident tagging himself at the hospital.


Some images of wounds on his body too were recovered.



This is an extreme case of vandalism and such poor things do happen at Delhi. Police is not upto the mark. Strict punishments must be decided towards these culprits.


The Sanjeev Kumar Family

img src : Facebook and Khoji News