Desi Spiderman Song!

So as usual I was surfing the YouTube and came across this funny video. This version of spiderman was quite unique and had a different stoy line than other Spidey movies.

AN as usual Peter Parker, he stares the girl from distance and later hops with her.



The Spidey dose woo the girl and dances along

romances like BB

This desi spidey got some desi thumkkas and flatters the girl!

does desi

Then throws in some “USUAL-SPIDEY” dance steps. Meh!


usual1 usu2

Then there is an insane romantic/evil chase of the girl!

is it creep.

They take their story to a new level now 🙂


All good things come to an end! what can be better than showing Spideys latest power of being “GAYAB”.


No wonder others had to cry