When biscuits fall from the sky…

It was a dark night with a clear sky and a cool breeze to accompany it. Gazing around with a wandering mind while you are sitting on a window seat of a bus is always a muse. Having taken a halt at a place for some snacks with no lights lit in the bus, few meters apart, I saw few stray dogs sniffing, intently to find some food. Looking at them while munching biscuits, suddenly paved in a way for some thought. A thought which made me wonder, am I really enjoying this moment? Surely I had nothing interesting to answer it in a positive way. While acknowledging this thought I dropped a biscuit near one of the stray dog. With a surprise in its eyes, it took a look around to find out where did it come from and then it ate it. Without even a second thought, I dropped another biscuit and all the dogs gathered at that place to get a piece of it for themselves. Not only the dogs but also the people around wondered where did the biscuits come from and on the other hand, I enjoyed feeding those dogs while the darkly lit bus hid me. Within a very short time, I had something that would change the answer to the earlier question that came to my mind.

Sometimes even a small thing can change the way you feel. This same thought reminds me of an Italian movie in the late 90’s, named “La vita è bella” which means “Life is beautiful”.lifeisbeautiful


The whole movie revolves around a Jewish fellow in Italy in the Hitler’s reign. One would get a lot to take home with them after watching this movie. The fellow has a joyous perspective about whatever that was happening with him even in the derogatory regime of the Nazis and he uses his wit to protect his tender son from horrors of the holocaust by making his son’s stay in a concentration camp seem to be a game that he has planned as his birthday gift. A birthday game that would make him win a tank as the prize. Words might sound here little to explain the imagination and the will which he chose to show while living this perspective in real.

I guess this is where the whole knack of living lies. You never get to decide what comes your way but you always have a choice to decide how you choose to accept it. Viktor Frankl, a holocaust survivor, too says that humans always have the freedom of choice even in times of severe suffering. So, willing to see the brighter side of life helps you to overlook your circumstances and it serves you in enjoying the beauty of life. Having known this fact, even if you wonder at times about the dynamism in life and the reason for such questions to arise,it isn’t a thing to worry about because who knows maybe they might lead you to an another instance of an already known fact. Hence, è vero..la vita è bella This same thing is explained in the following lines :

ऐकलं आहे आयुष्य हे सुंदर आहे..
तरी प्रश्न पडतो कि आयुष्य नेमकं काय आहे..?
का असा हा प्रश्न पडावा..?
कदाचित त्यातूनच ऐकलेल्या गोष्टीचा अजुन एक संदर्भ मिळावा…