Why having a Muslim friend is awesome!

We say India is a secular country, but is it? We have stereotypes about how people from other religions are like, especially Muslims…! During my B.E days, my hostel roomie was a muslim and trust me, this was one of the best experience of my life. We definitely are very good friends. Hanging out with her was always fun! I got to learn new things, a lot of them. Eid is here, I do miss the tasty foods she used to make for us! This force has compelled me to write down this, this is “Why is it awesome to have a friend in a Muslim”.

1. All religions preach the same thing : Be good ‘n Do good.


Infact, there should be no concept of religion. We already have a lot to discuss and debate about like, “Pepsi or COke?”, “DC or MArvel?”, “IPv4 or IP6”. Then why do we need to have one more extra topic to debate upon! Live simple, be happy!

There are some who don’t get point 1 and do certain things in the name of religion.. But that doesn’t mean everyone is like that.. (U can not Generalize)


2. You get to learn some Arabic words


Learning new things are always fun, let it be a new culture or new words! like :

Mascha’Allah – Arabic way of praising something

Khudah afiz – Arabic way of saying goodbye

Sabah el kheer – Good Morning.


3. Unique dressing sense


Somehow Hijab is cool! When you have someone else (Muslims) of a different culture, it is obvious you get to have some more cool dressing senses. A piece of cloth around your forhead like that of my friends, makes us look cool and even protects us from pollution. Win-win situation for us.


4. The best reason : RAMZAN and EID FOOD!! <3


Oh, come on! what else can be more delicious than these? Biryani and Sheer Khurma – yes, YES you’re going to gain some pounds but worth it! Truth be told, when it is Eid or Ramzan most of us visit our Muslim friends house. You know why!

5. A true friend for life time – GUARANTEED!



The bonding and faithfulness of our friendship is damn too high. Friendship is something which is supposed to be for lifetime and having a faithful friend is not at all based on or related upon religion but this point is just a myth buster for stereotypes.


You do not have to follow the same culture or religion to connect with someone. What Matters is on the inside..!!

Post story by ~ Nikita Sharma for her friend Tuhina and also Muqsit and Saba.

Wish You a Very Happy Bakri Eid!! 🙂