Justice League Superheroes movie with Bollywood actors

Our Faker reporters have given us an inside news that DC is planning to launch Indian version of their best franchise “The Justice League”. It is reported that movie will be titled as Justice League of India (JLI). JlI will be based on the stories of DC superheroes which are hereby based in India. Though our prime reporter Abhikant Fekuwal, also reported that movie is currently in the scripting phase and the shoot is only possible after a good success of original Justice League movies releasing in years to come. Fekuwal had a secret meet with DC’s Indian Chairman, Mr. Harrison Sharma and he quoted :

Chaai at the Juhu chaupati isn’t that good; we should have some chaats.

wait! not this one. Mr. Sharma quoted

We are planning to start shooting in the year 2022 and rightnow finalizing the scripts based on Indian soil. We have finalized the actors we are going to choose for the roles based on their recent performance at the bollywood flicks.

So, Now let’s see the potential candidates for the JLI Movie!

  1. Superman


Superman is Salman ka fan! So most probably role will land to Salman Khan. With his great “Gravity is a bitch” fighting techniques and his skills in flying his car all over the park, it is quite clear that the roll will land to Salman. Salman’s recent flicks like Kick are going to help him on the sets as he pretty much did some ass-kicking tasks there too!

2. Batman

Batman’s role was quite tough to give away. Battie being the central character of the franchise is supposed to land in the hands of someone really safe. It is rumored that the role fight fall into the hands of Hrithik Roshan beating Akshay Kumar. The rumour can be confirmed to be true after seeing the following images.

Hrithik Roshan meets the Batman.

Yes, that’s true! Hrithik was seen at the DC HQ”s figuring to make the Batsuit better. It was reported that Hrithik wanted the suit to have an essence of Krrish but the DC Gurus rejected the suggestion by saying “NO!”. Yeah in CAPS. After which the angry Hrithik went and did what stars do, distributing t-shirts.


3. The Flash


The Flash is an important character of the DC universe. The scarlett speedster, the fastest man alive, is a young charming character and the DC guru’s though of considering Shahid Kapoor perfect for the roll after watching his running skills from the movie Kaminey!

4. Wonder woman


The main female character of the series, Wonder woman’s role is most probably going to fall in the laps of Deepika Padukone. The sexy diva is bold and can definitely portray the role quite well. DC had to try a lot harder to convince her as she has already said NO to FAST N FURIOUS franchise. DC were afraid of rejection so they made sure that SRK doesn’t pop her in his another movie.

5. Green Lantern


Lantern’s job ain’t that easy. As seen in the past it needs a perfect combo of wit and action. Probably there are many potential actors to perform Green Lantern but the role may goto Ranbir Kapoor! reason may be that he somehow looks like green lantern’s Hal Jordan and also Ryan Reynolds! Ranbir looked delighted to show off his Lantern Ring outside DC office but he forgot to wear any.

6. Cyborg


The role of cyborg might be done by Ajay devgan. This is going to be greta watching him in meatallic armour and doing all those geeky stuffs like playing with technology.



Aquaman’s selection was out of the box and it went to Milind Soman due to his great fitness and ability to perform underwater. He recently won the ironman contest which included hard task of running cycling and swimming. This made his resume even more strong!

It was also reported that Tushar Kapoor tried his luck in getting the role of Aquaman post his so called “Kya super kool hai hum” success

Tushar Kapoor trying for Aquaman?

With this the final team of Justice League of India is complete and now Mr. Harrison Sharma is of for having chaat with Abhikant Fekuwal at at chaupati.

We will be back with casting of villains for the Justice League of India MOVIE PRETTY SOON!