All Batman comicbook covers!

It’s Batman day and this day is no less than Christmas in our nerd’s community. To celebrate’s first ever Batman day we have somehow managed to arrange the covers of Batman comic books between the period of 1939 to 90’s.


  • from 1939 to 1949

This was the beginning of an era, The Batman ERA!. Detective Comics was on a roll with the Batman series and the comics reach was getting wide day by day. This period saw the vigilante in black pairing up with Robin and taking on catwoman, Joker, Riddler, The Monk. The Boy Wonder too was having a good time with batman busting the crimes of Jokers and others.

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  • in 50’s

This era had the ups of Batman’s life. The secret identity of the dark knight was revealed and it cause chaos when underworld learned Bruce Wayne is Batman. Bruce makes his own batmobile, then some great cool gadgets were introduced. Joker again had a thing to do with million dollar notes with his face on it. This era also had the introduction of Bat signal, different types of Batsuits for different regions (for space, earth, North pole, Radium etc).

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  • in 60’s

In this era batman faced challenges from MAN-BAT, The Penguin,The Signalman, Riddler’s new set of zanzy puzzle and even The creeper (some circus kinda dude controlling lions). He even had to face the Two Way death trap and Slaughter in Silver. This era also saw debut of BATGIRL and different other characters like robin, Roy Raymond, Dr. Mid-Nite, STAR HAWKINS, elongated man & Kid eternity were also featured

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  • in 70’s

This was an interesting era. The dark knight had to solve the mystery of the Gothos mansion, The Joker was back and all set to trouble the Batman. This Detective comics decade also saw “The demon’s head” aka Ra’as al Ghul taking on the batman by planning and executing the killing of the Teen Wonder Robin. End of this saw Batman leaving up the Batman duty after a great run. The 300th episode was titled “The Last Batman story” making batman quit his job.

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  • in 80’s

Starting with Batman year one ie kill of Thomas and Martha Wayne and Bruce choosing the path to eliminate crime. Later issues showed a a guy dawning the batmask in town and making the Batman “MOST WANTED” by the Gotham City Police Department. Batman had to resolve this issue by capturing the fake batman and making sure he gets some part of himself correct in the eyes of GCPD. The best part? IT HAD THE “THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS”.

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  • in 90’s

This time the batsuit looked deadly, We also got to see Damian Wayne (The heir to the demon, the son of batman, the robin?) shoulder to shoulder with his father. A fake batman again in town killing the innocents and defaming the works and principles of The detective. It also had one of the most deadliest villain of the Batman saga, Bane. Bane was scary and anytime ready to kick batman’s ass. Which eventually he does.

A collection of 11 cover photos from the 90’s decade :

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This ends the collection of the Batman cover stories. If our viewers are interested in reading the detailed analysis of any issue do let us know!

All Pic courtesy : Batman official page on Facebook / owned by DC comics.