How Batman will kill all other superheroes

Ever wondered why batman is celebrated as the best superhero ever? Even though he is just a human vigilante? How can we even think of him even competing against all those hard-tough-Outta Planet superheroes ? in DC universe, others can fly, can easily outrun Battie and what-else not? Well enough of building up the curiosity for this post. The answer is “Batman, the answer is always batman” (I just wanted to use this sentence).

What makes the Dark knight what he is that he has the knowledge and resources to kick any other superheroes arses off. All he needs is a bit of time to be prepared. So let’s see the contingency plans of Batman against others one by one –

  1. Aquaman


Any sane person will say Aquaman can kick batman’s ass when batman gets zero time to prepare. Arthur is much more powerful than Bruce but the catch here is, with time to prepare – Aquaman is rendered hydrophobic due to an altered form of the Scarecrow’s fear toxin. Without water, he would die in a matter of hours. Martian Manhunter uses his telepathy to help him overcome the effects of the toxin and survive without water. So if Batman uses his weakness in hydrophobism he can win the match!


2. Martian Manhunter


J’onn J’onzz is covered with nanites that convert the outer layer of his skin into magnesium, causing him to burst into fire- his greatest weakness- upon exposure to air. He later survives by wearing an airtight water-filled suit provided by Aquaman, then waiting until he can shed enough skin cells to function normally. Batman didn’t anticipate this strategy because he never expected J’onn to survive so long.

3. Green Lantern


Green Lantern is rendered blind by his own power ring from a post-hypnotic suggestion introduced in his sleep; as an artist, Kyle is unable to function without his vision to guide the ring’s power, but he is able to overcome the post-hypnotic suggestion after his ring is temporarily removed and the methods behind the attack are explained to him.


4. Wonder Woman


Thanks to a nanite injected into her ear, Wonder Woman is trapped in a virtual reality battle against an opponent who she cannot defeat and is her equal in every way; her refusal to surrender under any circumstance would eventually cause her heart to fail. The nanite is removed after her teammates recover.

5. The Flash


A specially designed “vibra-bullet” strikes Flash in the back of the neck, causing him to experience seizures at light speed before it is removed; although only exposed to the weapon for 22 minutes, Wally’s relativistic speed makes the experience feel like months.

6. Superman


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Superman’s skin becomes transparent after exposure to red Kryptonite, an artificial creation of Batman’s made by exposing a green kryptonite sample to radiation. As Superman is powered by solar energy, his skin’s transparency causes a sensory overload by his internal organs’ direct exposure to sunlight without his skin as a proper solar filter.


7. Plastic Man


Plastic Man is frozen solid, then shattered by a hammer by one of Ra’s’ henchmen. Afterward, Flash reassembles him, allowing Plastic Man to recover.


8. Green Arrow


Immobilize one of his arms. It will be tough for the Emerald archer to take on without any arm.


9. Red Tornado


An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) will do the trick.


10. Firestorm


By creating a Phantom zone. Causing lack of raw materials which will nullify his powers. TOO MUCH OF PHYSICS HERE! (Little help Dr. Wells, please).

11. Black Canary


Tear Gas – if cut off easily, she will lose her ability to speak or scream. Batman also has captured her scream, so if it is played with equal intensity it will nullify her sound waves.




Batman is a master strategist and a combatant but a mere human being with emotions and memories. If Batman gets out of order then the best way to beat him is by bringing up his dead parents. They will act as a perfect blind spot. Other thing that will distract him is by taking hostages, specially his friends or family.