When Modi proved to be more influential than Zuckerberg

Indian Prime Minister is always in talks due to his great work towards digitizing the country. Connecting the rural India to the Urban using digital means. Modi took this initiative and the Silicon Valley stars are out here in helping him. Founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is a famo
us personality working with Modi in achieving his goal.


Mark Zuckerberg last year was in India inaugurating internet.org and met Indian PM as well. Now Modi is in US and met Zuckerberg discussing Digital India. To support this Zuckerberg started a trend of changing DP with a frame of Indian flag on it. So did Modi, so did the whole India. The catch was the number of likes on Modi’s pic is damn too high than that of Zuckerberg’s.


The above red boxes easily show the amount of support Modi has is much more than that of Zuckerberg. Might be because it’s an Indian initiative so Modi has more followers but who cares! Modi beats Zuckerberg!


About the Q&A at Facebook Townhall.

I ask world leaders not to avoid social media but to connect to it – Modi

Before leaving the Facebook HQ, Modi left hsi impression by wtiting “Ahimsa Parmo Dharma” in Sanskrit Meaning – non-violence is the topmost duty to the extent that it supersedes all other duties.

Some of the questions asked were :

Q. There is a lot said about women empowerment in India. What is your view on schemes on this and women equality?

A. Mr. Modi replies: there is an imagination about God in all societies. Only in India is the woman imagined as God (durga, Kali, Saraswati, etc.) For our government to achieve economic progress, we have to utilise the potential of the 50 percent population — the women in India. Women are very involved in education and health sectors today.

Q. You were one of the early adopters of social media. Did you expect the impact on policy, foreign policy etc.?

A. Mr. Modi replies: Social media was like a “guide” and an easy textbook to know about things for me. It helped mould my thought process. Build a world consciousness and it helped the world accept me for what I am. Social media has helped people recognise and accept me for what I am. When I took office .. I realised that there was a large gap between people and govt. By the time one gets to realise this, elections come up! But social media allows for accountability instantly. I ask all world leaders not to avoid social media and to connect to it.

The world saw Modi get sentimental after Zuckerberg asked him about his parents struggle in his upcoming. A great day for all the Indians world-wide, Respect Modi, Bharat Mata ki Jay!