We always live for a Sunday..

All right, I had thought about giving this a go from quite some time but just got the right frame of mind and pure thoughts now only to put this one down into words. (Actually my plans were to go for it long ago, but provided the kind of busy life I live completing the last year of my engineering, I had to postpone my shots.

I see a movie, I listen to a song, I read a quote somewhere and it is then exactly my mind begins the task of wondering and pondering over things. So this was going to be about Sunday, right! Monday to Saturday, then we have the Sunday. And I cannot help but quote it out “After Sunday, Monday, Tuesday even the week says WTF” (lamest I know: P ). Life waits for that one moment, that one little moment when it gets respite from everything else, that one shot to happiness. Dreams are all made of Sundays, no?

I have striven all my life for that one Sunday. Even a little kid does! I only wonder the significance it acquires silently in our lives. There is always a hope that there is a Sunday somewhere waiting, The Sunday for our dreams! I wonder whether we all would have had the same optimism if we were without these Sundays. And the meanings keep on changing individually! Love is a Sunday, That World Cup trophy is a Sunday, achieving a distinction is a Sunday, That placement with a good package is a Sunday.

It was so mechanical to put in a Sunday after the weekdays but wasn’t he/she a genius who realized its larger significances. And I get a phone call now from my friend asking whether I’ve completed the 5 assignments? (That’s why I say, Life isn’t always a Sunday). Cutting this short,

There are Days, and There is a Sunday. And for that Sunday, The life waits 🙂