When Spider-man was made in India

After digging a lot, today I have this courtesy to bring to you the Indian Version of Spider-man. Laughing? This isn’t any witty post. Spider-man was launched in India with an Indian origin story. Though the names of the characters were somehow the same but definitely were Indian. Like This time time, Spider-Man was none other than Pavitr Prabhakar. Having a suit designed in “Indian style”. The Spider-man’s logo had similarities with Tilak. A Gamcha (piece of clothe) around his waist, A Payjama/Dhoti-like trousers and wearing Mojdi shoes.


First lets take a look on the names of other characters!

Peter Parker – Pavitr Prabhakar

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Uncle Benn – Bhim Prabhakar


Aunt May – Maya Prabhakar


Mary Jane – Meera Jain



Norman Osborn – Nalin Oberoi


Doctor Octopus – mild-mannered doctor – Nalin Oberoi transforms into a demon with four magical tentacles


Harry Osborn – Hari Oberoi (Was only mentioned – No appearance).



Pavitr, after death of his parents moves to Mumbai with his Aunt Maya and uncle Bhim. As obvious, being bullied all the time due to his geek and rural nature, he had a good friend in Meera Jain. Meanwhile, Nalin Oberoi, a local mafia uses an ancient amulet to call the demons on earth and prey on it. Once when Pavitr Prabhakar was running away from bullies, he met an ancient Yogi, who grants him the power of the spider. to fight against the developing crime and unnatural beings in the city.



Death of Uncle Ben.. Arrr… Bhim, Uncle Bhim


Once Indian spidey didn’t help a girl out from some goons and had to come back there after hearing the shout of his Uncle Bhim. He reached there to find out his Uncle was stabbed by the goons while he was trying to help the woman. This is when he realizes .. “With great power comes great responsibility”. Touche!

Encounters with Nalin Oberoi/ Green Goblin.

Nalin Oberoi becomes the Green Goblin like devil and fights spidey. Nalin Oberoi briefly becomes human again and transforms a mild-mannered doctor into a demon with four magical tentacles (the Indian version of Doctor Octopus), and sends him to kill Spider-Man, as instructed by the demon voices. Doctor however, later loses to spider and spidey becomes hero. Though newspaper agencies treat him like a threat.


Oberoi later kidnaps aunt Maya and Meera Jain, taking them to a refinery outside Mumbai. Oberoi there first kicks Doctor Octopus into the sea (as he didnt want him anymore) and then he drops both Maya and Meera from the top of the refinery infront of spider-man. Spider-Man dives for his aunt, but fails to rescue Meera, who is saved by Doctor Octopus. Pavitr later on reveals his identity to Meera.


Oberoi kills Doctor Octopus and touches Spider-Man with his evil amulet. A Venom-like creature emerges from the amulet which tries to lure Spider-Man to the evil side. Pavitr remembers his uncle’s saying about responsibility and rejects the evil. By doing so, the link between the demons and Oberoi is shattered, and he becomes human again. Spider-Man throws the amulet into the ocean, and Oberoi is sent to a mental assylum.

Mumbai city is back to normal, Pavitr and meera have started dating. The comic book ends with them celebrating Diwali. The last strip shows a quotation from Bhagavad Gita and showing Venom-Demon alive.


This story-line was brought in India by Gotham Entertainment Group with Marvel Comics. Was created by Sharad Devarajan, Suresh Seetharaman, and Jeevan J. Kang with Marvel Comics. All images shown are product of Marvel Comics and represented for promotional purposes only.