11 Baahubali moments that gave goosebumps

India’s most expensive movie Baahubali took more than 7 years to complete it’s production. The epic historical thriller directed by S.S. Rajamouli took Indian cinema to a new level, challenging Hollywood with it’s great CGI’s and affects. Bahubali managed to gross more than 600 Crore in it’s first 50 day collection worldwide, a landmark which is damn too high to be broken anytime soon. Only potential movie which can achieve this feat is Baahubali : The Conclusion (second part of this great saga). We now bring to you 11 stills from Bahubali which gave it’s viewers goosebumps! in sense of pride or thrill.

1. The one with Shivgaami holding Baahubali/Shiva underwater

Occurring in first 3 minutes of the movie, a lady holding an infant in her hands underwater. Not letting the baby get wet. The lady was none other than Shivgami, Baahubali’s Grandmother who made sure that baby stayed alive to come back someday and seek revenge for her.

2. Baahubali carrying a huge Shivlinga on his back

Defining the true meaning of Baahubali ( One with strong arms), Shiva(Baahubali) lifted the idol of lord Shiva on his shoulders and carried it below a fountain; so that his mother wouldn’t have to suffer performing rituals. For sure this was the scene which won a lot of hearts! A LOT.


3. When Devasena showed her rage

This was the first scene when they showed full face of Devasena. It was scary. Kattappa was left speechless after seeing and listening her rage towards Bhallala Deva.


4.Angry mob chanting “Baahubali”.

When Mahishmati mob started chanting Baahubali’s name inspiring themselves to finish the task of lifting the tall golden idol of evil king Bhallala Deva. This even showed their anger against Bhallala Deva and a ray of hope that Bahubali will be back soon.



5. When Baahubali beheads Bhadra

In between a great fight of Kattappa and Shiva, Shiva somehow managed to take the revenge of insulting and beating of his mother from beheads Bhadra (Bhallala Deva’s son). He reached to the sword before Kattapa and chooped the head off. Kattappa was on duty protecting the royal lad. After so much rudeness shown by Bhadra, we all wanted him dead and Shiva did that in a great manner.bahu5pi

6. When Kattappa realises who Shiva really is

Shiva’s face wasn’t clear due to all the mud around his face. Kattappa had no clue who he was fighting against. After behading of Bhadra it rained and the mug on Shiva’s face was washed. While attacking on Shiva, Kattappa saw the clear face of Shiva and came to know that he was son of Baahubali; hence was a baahubali. HE came on his knees, putting Shiva’s feet on his bald head. Such a respect for the son of a guy who treated him like his own Mama.


7. Baahubali abandoning rituals of harming animals

Before the battle against the Kalakeyas, Bhallala Dev chops the head of a buffalo himself, so as to perform their family rituals and inspire their army. Now was the turn of Amarendra Baahubali to sacrifice an animal. Baahubali better rubs his own hands on the sword and bleeds to satisfy Maa Kali. This when explained made the army more enthusiastic.


8. Amarendra Baahubali’s War tactics

Use of a big piece of clothe wet in flammable liquid and later shooting it with an arrow of fire! This was something new and innovative.


9. Amarendra Baahubali insipiring his army

one of the most important characteristics of an ideal king is to motivate his army. Not only before war but also when they need perfect motivation. When Kalakeyas managed to break in the Trishul defense of Mahishmati army, all soldiers accepted the defeat and stopped attacking. Watching his army go down Baahubali himself comes and motivates his army. Despite an arrow being shot on him.


10. When Baahubali drags the Kalakeya king

This definately makes into the list! Baahubali dragging the Kalakeya leader with his head struck into the jaws of lion-head helmet of Bhallala Deva. After defeating him on the ground and making his army leave the battlefield, now it was time to do some serious damage to the Kalakeya leader.



11. Kattappa ne Baahubali ko kyu maaraa?

The most trending line amonst the group messages on whatsapp or facebook. The movie ended with showing Kattappa killing Baahubali. No one saw this coming as Kattappa was loyal to Baahubali. Still he truthfully accepts that he betrayed Baahubali and killed him.



Now let’s wait for the second part to come and disclose the mystery, “Kattappa ne Baahubali ko kyu maaraa?”. Till then sit back and hope Baahubali : The Conclusion hits even better than the first part. Kudos!