5 hostel life hacks!

The most amazing days for any student is his or her HOSTEL LIFE! This is the period where you learn a lot about living in any-condition. Be it without food or without money. This is the time when you become cautious about all your stuffs. But sometimes even if you want to, you can’t protect some things from circulating in the whole hostel (your external hard disk, as per say). Hostel life is all about the jugaad.

We will take a look on 5 totally genuine hostel life jugaad / hacks students should perform!

1. Dim colored night lamp!

jugad1 (1) pi

A regular CFL bulb inserted into a water drinking bottle. The bottle here is cut from the bottom so that the bulb can be inserted into it and and the upper thread part is used to hold the bulb so that the bulb dosen’t comes out. True Genius!


2. Late-Night study lamp

jugad2  (3) pi

Something unusual, this is. Studying is a myth but say due to some stupid reason you might have to. It’s late night and your roomie is being too bitchy about the lights turned on What do you do? Now let me show you the perfect hostel jugaad for this. A piece of cardboard on the bulb like this :

jugad2  (2) pi

Now when you have to study place the hanging cardboard on the buld to make the light focus down on your book, NOWHERE ELSE! The lights won’t even come on your eyes to make your eye pupils close.


3. Key holder!

One of the most scary and often happening situation is when you lose your keys. My studies indicate that we mostly lose our keys at our own place. Reason? too messy to be organised stuff. Worry not, we have one more cool suggestion for you. Somehow manage a piece of magnet (probably from an old vehicle horn) and hang it somewhere on your personal board like this.


jugad3 (2) pi

Now cool thing to do is : whenever you enter into the room, just throw the keys near the magnet and if you are even somehow good at it, the magnets will do the rest.

jugad3 (1) pi

Requirements : Be cool enough to throw like a boss. Don’t suck at it.


4. Bathroom phone pocket

Who doesn’t likes to shower when music turned on? We all do, don’t we? but the biggest issue here is what if the phone gets wet? you lose your only fukin’ phone. It really doesn’t looks like your parents are going to get you a new one and you have already spent most of your personal savings in buying guitar or joining the gym (things to impress chics). So better why not get a hostel life jugaad for this too? here it is,

jugad4 (1) pi

So make an envelop from cardboard or any other material which doesn’t get wet easily (like shown in the pic). Now place your phone in it and cover it. There is zero possibility of phone getting wet.

P.S. make sure you make the pocket good; if it falls, lend some money from your friends and buy a nokia 1100.


5. Laptop table


We all need that one laptop table which makes our life easy. The one which holds on to the laptop which is even so hot that you can cook an omelet on it. Courtesy : intensive gaming and never shutting you down attitude. This pic will speak about itself.


Place a piece of some junk ply-wood (strong enough) to hold between your bed and your roomies. This will give it proper support and you can use it while gaming, late night movies laying on your bed, to cut the chase : ALL THE TIME.


These are the five awesome hostel life jugaad which no one else will tell you or you will read on other boring blogs. Special thanks to Sameeran Purohit for these awesome Hostel life Jugaad’s he implemented and shared with us. Try to implement them and if you have your own set of hostel life jugaad’s do mail it to us @ mukulp@pikapost.com. till then KUDOS!