Hindu-Muslim moral policing in Manglore

Moral politics is growing up day by day. With each day something new pops up somewhere in India but my concern is based with the metropolitan city of Manglore, Karnataka. First we will take an overview of this city, Some decades back Manglore was a congress dominated city. In the year 1991 when Ram Janmabhoomi issue started, the city started to divert from congress and started supporting BJP and it’s affiliates for the spiritual yet the peachy task. Soon the whole city turned to BJP in the 1991 Loksabha election. BJP dominated the city polls till the 2013 elections where people showed anger against the growing moral policing done by both the major religious affiliates. The city has turned into a battlefield for both the community groups for “who does more of a moral policing”.

Statically speaking, moral policing cases reported since 2013 are 96. That means 96 major issues of moral policing were reported/observed. a year wise distribution shows :


year Hindu groups Muslim groups total cases


Stats showing number of moral policing cases by both the communities
Stats showing number of moral policing cases by both the communities

As per the conditions in the city, these stats are going to increase day by day.


2006 : A group of employees from a private firm going for a picnic in a bus were stoned. The reason was the bus was carrying employees from both the Hindu and the Muslim community.


2009 : A young women hanging out at a pub and drinking was attacked. The reason was women drinking doesn’t represents the women of their religion.

2012 : A birthday party was attacked at a home stay facility. The reason was girls of that community are not supposed to dance in front of unknown men. A total of 14 person were assaulted, including 5 girls

2013 : Two medical students were kidnapped by a Muslim organization and were forced to have sex. Later, they were blackmailed for money.



2015 : A Muslim youth was attacked by such a moral policing community for a photograph of his where he was posing on the laps of Hindu girls; who were his classmates.

2015 : A group of students from a college in Mudipu were planned to go visit Karnataka Assembly as part of their educational trip. Later, a group forced them to abort the trip as it carried out the Hindu girls along with Muslim boys. Parents of Muslims girls didn’t gave the permission for the trip, hence it was composed only with Hindu girls alongside Hindu and Muslim boys.

A Muslim youth beaten up for being with a Hindu girl. PC : Sunday Expreess

2015 : A Muslim youth was beaten like hell after he was spotted with a Hindu girl. The youth was accused to be troubling and flirting with the girl. After verification, police came up with the result that they both were in a relationship.
Such a situation has arisen in Manglore because of various political and religious groups. Major affiliations in this are are :
For HINDU : RSS, Bajrang Dal, VHP, Hindu Jagran Vedike and the Shri Rama Sena.
For MUSLIMS : Popular front of India, Campus Front of India,

One of the ugliest thing is, Popular front of India has their party called Social Democratic Party of India. This is a major setback for our constitution where campaigners are not expected to ask for vote based on their religion.

We urge both of our major community to stay in peace and avoid all major issues related to the religion. Religion and moral policing is for those uneducated, unemployed poor youth who do not have a motive in their life. True religion lies within us.
Based on the stats and report published in THE SUNDAY EXPRESS.