top 20 cities by a world traveler – where does Indian city stand

Gunnar Garfors is a 40 year old traveler who claims to have visited 198 countries and that is all of the countries in this world. Garfors also hold the record of visiting 20 US states in 24 hours. Which no doubt is a lot of traveling. With such an experience in traveling through out all the countries he is the right person to judge the greatest cities in this mighty world. To over ease Gunnar Garfors made a list of top 20 cities in this world. The list given by Gunnar also includes an Indian city. Which is the only one in the list Here goes the list :

20. Kiev, Ukraine

PC : Flickr/mariusz kluzniak
PC : Flickr/mariusz kluzniak

19. Copenhagen, Denmark


18. Mumbai, India


If you’re looking for dramatic colors and smells you didn’t know existed, and unforgettable experiences, you can’t go wrong with Mumbai. With unparalleled diversity and a multicultural vibe, oh, will you feel alive! (Although with one of the world’s largest slums, it isn’t a city for the faint-hearted.) Unless you get stuck in traffic, that is. And speaking of traffic, don’t pass up a ride in a cockroach, one of the yellow and black auto-rickshaws that navigate the city’s endless traffic with the precision of a brain surgeon. Such a journey really gives you a feel for how many of the locals travel from A to B. Via C, D, E, F, and G.

Mumbai’s full of impressive colonial buildings, chaotic markets, and places of worship. And when it comes to food, you’ll be spoiled for choice —so do indulge. Just promise to try the street food, but only after making sure it’s been properly cooked; otherwise, forget the sights, you’ll spend the rest of your holiday restroom-seeing.

17. Florianópolis, Brazil


16. Seattle


15. Oslo, Norway


14. Tel Aviv, Israel


13. Lisbon, Portugal



12. Cali, Colombia


11. Auckland, New Zealand


10. Istanbul, Turkey

PC :
PC :

9. Hanoi, Vietnam


8. Tokyo, Japan


7. Taipei, Taiwan


6. Reykjavik, Iceland


5. Berlin, Germany


4. Cape Town, South Africa

cape town

3. London, UK


2. Toronto, Canada


1. Seoul, South Korea

City of Seoul Korea
City of Seoul Korea

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