Don’t eat what we respect!

Cow slaughtering is a hot topic all around India. The Hindu culture treats cows as God. This is because of the plenary respect and love they have for the cow. This post isn’t about making you realize the importance of cows to Hindus or to everyone in our day to day life. A basic knowledgeable person definitely knows its importance. Let me start with the treatments other animals get in other countries :

In USA it is illegal to eat the meat of dogs and cats.

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USA government has a law according to which it is illegal to eat meat of dogs and cats. The reason behind this is that they love dog. Dog’s are perfect pet animals as they are loyal and safeguard our home. Hence USA and other western countries won’t allow you to eat a dog. You need to have separate garden if u want to have dog there. Comparing it with China, Chinese people eat dog’s meat in China. But when in USA even chinese people won’t eat the animal. The laws are enforced and eventually they understand the emotional relation of Americans with the dogs.


Now let’s compare the situation with India, the country with highest cultural diversity on this earth. Population wise, India is dominated by the Hindus. They share approx 79% share in the country’s total population. Hinduism as mentioned is not a religion, it is a belief. Cows are loved and admired by Hindus. They are the perfect pets and a source of income from several dairy products, WHEN ALIVE. It contributes 66% share of agriculture in the GDP.


Hinduism is a culture, a peaceful one. Which treats each and everyone as a God. So are the cows treated as God. Hindu culture respects and loves cow. Like situation of Dogs in USA, Cows of India also should not be eaten.other cultures who like eating cow meat, should also respect the Hindu culture and avoid consuming it at the forbidden places.

India is a peaceful and secular nation. It’s secularism is based on the understanding among the diverse cultures inherited in it.