Internet connects but doesn’t touch!

Technology is double edged . There are reasons to cheer as also to despair . Social media has grown rapidly because it serves various social needs . These sites have taken out lives . It is very much hard to believe that 12 years ago there was no Facebook, twitter ! These social media sites have even influenced out lives and made good impact, it has made communication very easy on the world wide level , it has definitely made us closer to other part of the word .
Every faced of our life is touched by social media . Today as time magazine in its cover story wrote some time ago “Social media is making you stupid ..”. Our personal privacy has become the victim of these sites. Now a days it has grown up so rapidly because of increasing importance of networking . The social networking site(fb), micro blogging sites (twitter) , content and videos sharing sites (flicker) are the reason behind the large scale outline social participation . Thanks to the social media , we no longer search for news , the news finds us .

By now we are all aware that social media has had a tremendous impact on our culture , personal life , on the world at large . In today’s date most of the politician take the help of social media to promote themselves and the topic does not end here , on the other side millions of people follow them this is because social media has played an important role in many election around the world including U.S , Iran & India .

PC : shutterstock
PC : shutterstock

It is obvious the social network social network the opportunity for people to re-connect with them , their old friend content and picture and many other activities . You can learn about different countries and their culture too by connecting with the people world wide.

But he social media has a darker side as well . The title given in the book written by Sherrj Turkle says “Alone together” the title itself reveals the story inside. She says “we expect more from technology and less from each other….. we create navigate and perform our emotions lives ” .Internet connects but it doesn’t touch . As Turkel says “we may be free to work from anywhere, but we are also prone to being lonely everywhere . In a surprising twist relentless connection leads to a new solitude . We turn to new technology to fill the void , but as technology ramps up , our emotional lives ramps down.


The power of social media is exponential . Young people are using various application often for self-promotion . The google+ and Facebook receives an incredible and billion combined dollar every month , this tells us the story how the social media is so powerful . All indications are that the global social media usage will only see the upward trajectory . Whatever may be the positive and negative points , but it will never eliminate the direct human contact.

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