Raees Makrani to design car which runs on water – Thanks Modi for inspiration

Petrol and diesel prices are getting high and higher everywhere (but not in America (LOL)). In such a time an alternative to petrol-running vehicles will be a boon to the world. Though there are electric cars but they are not as successful as they were expected to be.


India, birth place of hidden talents might have a guy who has found an alternative to petrol consuming vehicles. Meet Raees Makrani from Sagar, Madhya Pradesh who claims to have find an alternative. His alternative is going to blow your mind. Makrani claims his designed car will run on water and Calcium carbide. According to his study, the mixture of Calcium carbide with H2O will react to form acetylene gas.


Makrani, who is a mechanic by profession is thankful to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s inspirational initiative “Make in India”. He seemed confident in getting further support from the Indian government. He is already on his next step of getting his design a patent.


Such initiatives by the government to inspire common people in doing something for the nation is admirable. We are really excited to see his model work and make the world a better and clean place to live on.