Top 11 Batman Animated movies!

If you are a big Batman Geek or if you want to know the unknown tales of batman really well so that you too can act cool in your social group, then you are at the right place! In this post we will enlist 10 Batman animated movies to watch and be the nerd you always wanted to be.

11. Batman : Gotham Knight


The 2008 movie, Gotham Knight is collection of 6 Batman short stories. This gives idea about what Batman exactly is, his motivations, his ideologies. The short stories are related but perfect for a beginner. The stories are :

  • Have I Got a Story for You : 3 skaters friends meet and claim to have seen batman fight the Man in Black, high tech criminals. Later Batman captures the antagonists at the same skate park with the fourth kid who later steps in and shares his experience working with Batman.
  • Crossfire : 2 detectives assigned to catch the escaped criminals from Arkham Assylum. The two while returning are caught between a gang war and Batman comes to the rescue.
  • Field Test : Fox creates a new tech gadget which Batman tests against Russian goons. he hijacks a boat owned by Sal Maroni and drives it alongside a boat owned by the Russian Mob’s leader The Russian and proceeds to attack both gangs at once with assistance from his new device. He attempts to force a truce between the two gang leaders until he can get evidence against them and that Sal Maroni.
  • In Darkness Dwells : Batman has to encounter Killer Crock and scarecrow inorder to find abducted Cardian O’Fallon.
  • Bruce Wayne in India ; on a quest to kill the pain.
    Bruce Wayne in India ; on a quest to kill the pain.
  • Working Through Pain : Batman’s quest in INDIA to minimize pains. He meets Cassandra, who teaches her the art of not feeling the pain. Later Batman uses this peace of mind when he is badly injured at Gotham.
  • Deadshot : Deadshot, an assassin is paid heavily to kill Batman by Ronald Marshall. When he arrives to Gotham he is shown to be a great shooter with his undoubted shooting skills from miles away. Here Batman faces Deadshot in the ending and it gets fishy.

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10. Batman : Year one


A billionaire, playboy – Bruce Wayne returns to the city of Gotham after 12 years, so does a police inspector Jim Gordon. Thsi story revolves around how Jim Gordon became what he is today, taking up against his own bully partner Arnold Flass. Meanwhile Bruce is developing as Batman. Later both meet fro good and start working for Gotham city.

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9. Justice League : Doom


The whole justice league team is shown in danger to life situation. Main Antagonist of the movie Vandal Savage, forms a team of villains who are assigned a superhero to kill. Later Batman some how comes from the death and tries to rescue the whole team.

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8. Batman/Superman : public enemies


This movie is a bro-mance between Batman and Superman. Lex Luthor becomes president of America and forms a leagues of superheroes to protect the nation. Batman and other justice league members do not sign for the Luthor’s team. Later both try to save the world from a kryptonite meteor hitting the earth. Cool thing : Lex Luthor in his krypton assembled suit!

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7. Son of Batman

Son of Batman, Damian with grand father Ra'as Al Ghul
Son of Batman, Damian with grand father Ra’as Al Ghul

Taliya al Ghul leaves Son of Batman, Damian Wayne with Bruce after Nanda Parbat got invaded by Deathstroke. Damian is having a hard time fitting into Bruce’s lifestyle and often quarrels with hi about it.


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6. Batman V/s Robin


Sequel of Son of Batman, Damian tries his best fitting into Batman’s ideology but gets framed into a killing of doll maker by Court of owl member. Later he leaves the Bruce mansion and fights against him with curt of owl in his side.

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5. Batman : Under the Red Hood


Bruce does not take revenge of the death of Robin (Jason Todd) by The Joker. Few years later Red Hood steps into the city, having his own style of justice and fire against Batman. The dark knight finds a lost connection between him and his old Todd Robin.

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4. Batman : The Flash Point Paradox


One of the awesome stories for the Flash. Batman being key mentor of Flash has an important role to play. Flash enters in a new dimension where he does not have any powers, his mom is alive and there is no Justice League but a Killer Batman. The Flash teams up with the killer Batman to make it all correct and be in his real world.

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3. Batman : Assault on Arkham


Second most thrilling movie in the list after the number one. Amanda Waller forms a SUICIDE SQUAD to get into Arkham and get Riddlers belongings. Meanwhile Joker is already into the Asylum and still has a thing for one of the squad member, his ex-girlfriend Harley Quinn. Later Joker is cut lose from the Asylum cells and the situation gets hot in there. Batman observing all these comes into the picture and a perfect ending is cooked!

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2. The Dark Knight Returns : PART I


Keep the dark knight returns saga for the last. These are the best of all the movies. Plot line is 20 years down the road after Justice League was shut and there was no Batman but only Superman working for the President of America. Old Bruce after seeing cities misery steps into the Dark knight’s shoes again.

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1.The Dark Knight Returns : PART II


The Joker is back from Asylum but still has the Joker in him. He faces off the dark knight who is with a girl-Robin now. Joker forces Batman do something which he was not supposed to and you can’t say if Batman won the fight or his ideology lost.

Superman on the order of President asks Batman to stop his vigilante justice. To which Batman refuses and later Batman faces against the Superman. “Batman Vs Superman : Dawn of Justice” bells ringing already?

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Make sure you watch all of these movies in the order mentioned. Next Batman animated movie hitting will be “Batman : The Killing Joke”. It will be an R-RATED movie! cause you know this is where joker was its best! All images and characters belong to : DC COMICS.