Places that define PUNE!

Pune being India’s one of the best fun destination has a lot to offer. Right from shopping in the malls to the streets of Laxmi Road, from eating at Garden Vada PAv to the Blue diamond Taj, Pune has it all! This fun city is also the hub of students, IT companies and Indian defense services. No wonder it is filled with so much of awesome people all around. People not only from other parts of the country but also from other countries come and settle here to have good time of their life. Now, let’s take a look on ‘some’ of the awesome places which define Pune!

1.Dagdusheth Ganpati

Dagdusheth Ganpati
What better than starting with Ganpati Bappa morya! Dagduseth Ganpati is Pune’s most celebrated Ganpati. On the days og Ganesh Puja, one can easily find more than thousand bhakts standing in queue to pray their deity. Big celebrities from all over the country come in to take the belessings from Bappa.

2.Shaniwar wada fort



Pune’s biggest landmark! it won’t incorrect to say that Shaniwar wada is Pune’s poster-boy and Pune is famous due to Chatrapati Shivaji’s fort. The historic monument is open for the common public during the day time and is famous among college students and love birds.

3.Joshi Wadewale


When in Maharashtra, eat Wada Pav. The Maharashtra defining food is for sure Pune’s best breakfast. Joshi Wadewale being Pune’s own Wada-pav chain restaurant is the largest hunger-killing restaurant. Pune does have other awesome killer Wada-Pav makers like Garden Wada-Pav. Which again gives some mouth watering stuffs and is giving a hard time to McDs and KFCs.

4.Shopping Malls


Pune is a heaven fro shoppers! With a shopping mall in each corner of the city side of Pune. Right from Pune’s most happening Phoenix market city to the SGS Malls and Amanora’s. Each of them provide a wide range of products from wardrobe to the appliances. If you step in any of these malls you will find a hard time getting out in just a couple of hours. TRUE STORY!

5.Street Shopping


Street shopping is the heart of Pune. All those fancy items so cheap that you want it all. Pune is favorite destination for women shopping as it provides many such shopping places like Laxmi road, fashion street, M.G. Road etc.

6.Short trips nearby Pune


Pune is a prime location as all nearby tourist spots are not that far from it. Let it be Lonavala, Rajmachi, Malavli, Mahabaleshwar and many more countless places. One can visit these places and be back to the city in a day. All these spots fall i the 100 KM radius and long drives are always fun.



College of Military Engineering has one of the coolest campus. 3600 acres huge campus has everything from fishing pound to playgrounds. It even is home to some exotic birds. Though getting entry into the campus is not a kids play. Do your homework before trying to get in,

8.Pune Night Life


When in Pune, do an outing at night. Those high buildings and smooth, empty roads, that breeze soothing your face and those shining yellow street lights! That is heaven on earth. If you are not that kind of a guy then worry not, Pune has bunch of night out pubs, discos made for partying hard! I’m personally the guy who likes to ride on bike and sing songs with your friends on the empty Pune roads at 2 AM.

9.German Bakery


German Bakery is Punekar’s heart and soul when it comes to burgers and pan cakes. This is the place where you rub shoulder with foreigners while having the most delicious food. Though the tragedy hit place was closed after terrorist bombings there but it did not hurt the sentiments of Punekars to the core and the Bakery is now back in action and still is Pune’s best eat-0-destination.



Truth be told what makes Pune an awesome place is all those students living all across it. India’s student hub, Pune has more than 800 colleges and students over 0.5 million making it a youth packed city. College are located at center of the city and also at the extreme ends like in Alandi. These cool chaps from across all over the world come here to celebrate education and the city Pune.


Now, still there’s a lot to add in this list but we can’t make a post that will keep you engaged from morning to evening. So if you are in Pune, celebrate the city and if you still are not, then what are you waiting for?