Dhoni, Please once again be Dhoni!

Dhoni was the best finisher in the world. A worthy successor to Michael Bevan. Was. It took me a lot of pain and anguish to write those three letters.

Dhoni. Where are you? We miss you. This player on the field is not you. Not even the shadow of you. The player on the field is someone coasting along, someone who seems to try hard and yet not hard enough. Where is the man who hit sixes at will, whose pull of the glove and adjustment of the helmet heralded that the next ball is going to fly across the boundary line.


I have seen live matches, and I have seen opposition captains shaking with fear as long as Dhoni is on the crease. I have seen you ask for a fresh bat when 100 were needed in 24 balls and when you scored 50 odd in these 24. I have seen you decimate Pakistan and Australia in the death.


You were the fail-safe, the cornerstone. Today you were slow. Not between the wickets, there you are still lightening fast, but today you had only one convincing four. There wasn’t even an attempt at the helicopter.


You took a retirement from Tests. The break has done nothing to improve your game. You feel sketchy at best. What breaks my heart is that you were at the top of your game when the entire team failed against in a series in Pakistan and you scored in every single match.

You were the greatest. In fact, you still are the greatest that was. Was. Has someone Chappelled you like Dada was Chappelled? Where has the energy gone? Old at 34?

MS Dhoni. Mahi. MS. We miss you. Please find yourself and comeback.

Post credit : Bhak Sala/Facebook