Clash of Clans : TH8 3 Golem PART – 2 [with Balloons]

GoWiPe not winning you 3 stars in Clash of Clans? Worry not, we bring you the second edition of attack using “3 Golems for TH8 with Wizards and backdoor Balloons”. In case you missed the first video of this kind involving Hogs and 3 Golems, do visit Golem Wizard and Hogs : TH8

Army Composition: 3 Golems (lvl 2) , 16 Wizards (lvl 5), 8 WallBreakers (lvl 5), 6 Balloons (lvl 5), 6 Max Wizards in CC, Barb King (lvl 10) .Spells: 3 Heal and 1 Poison.

For any queries and attack style feel free to leave a reply.Keep following, we will be back with more attacks to get you 3 stars.