What makes Nagpur awesome!

The first thing coming in mind when you hear the word “Nagpur” is santre (oranges). This is a common tendency to link a place with its famous food item. But trust me, Nagpur is much more than the Santres. Nagpur not only gives Santres or Haldirams it has also given Maharashtra state its Chief Minister, Devendra Fadnavis. If u are a Nagpuri then you should be familiar with these places and take a walk down your memory lane to relive your visits there. For all non-Nagpuri, read this and make sure to enjoy these when you visit Nagpur ahead in future.

1)Ganesh Tekdi Mandir

It is one of the famous temple in Nagpur .The temple is believe to be 250 year old .It is located at station road and this temple devotes Lord Ganesh It is a must place to visit . The place where most of the wish come true .The Lord is said to be sef-existent . It is said that the idol was not so big but it grew with the passage of time .


Ganesh (1)


2)Zero mile

Zero mile is also known as center of India .It was built by Britishers , who used this point to calculate the distance of various places. The zero mile consists of four horses and a pillar made of sand stone .



3) Japanese garden

Japanese garden is most popular place for the morning and evening walkers . The major attraction here is red and yellow roses . This garden is full of refreshing air sighting of greenery and it is home for various species of Birds . It is the peaceful place to sit and enjoy .

Japanese Garden,Nagpur



4) Traffic park

Traffic park or Children’s park , is a good place to visit at evening hours .For the grown ups not much thing to enjoy in the park but it is the one of the favorite place for children . If you are entering in the park with your gf/bf then make sure you should not do anything even you cannot sit too close because the guard is too strict he will through you out . Out side the park it has street food . Pani puri ,bhel is delicious and if you are with your group, it is then one of the best places to hangout at and if you visit as a single then you may find some interesting and beautiful faces . On the other side of the road their are sitting arrangement to sit and gossip .


5) When in Nagpur, try local “Tari Poha”

you all know poha is one of the famous breakfast here in Maharashtra and is making the whole country wanting it more and more. But when it comes to Nagpur we have a different taste. Poha with channa ( chickpea ) and tomato we just love to eat it. In Nagpur we have a special kind of breakfast called “Tari poha” . Weather you are on a morning walk or on a night out “Tari poha” is the best meal you can find out in city as it is available 24*7 you just need to find out where. I remember some of the pohe vala , when I used to hang out with friends 1’O clock at night and when we are hungry , we have just one thought “POHA” , Ramdaspeth ki tapri(underline) . Another I remember is Ravi Nagar, aunty ka poha (Under line)one of the most famous in hostalites of Ravi nagar which starts at 4.00 am and Kasturjan park ka poha(Underline).



6) walkers Street

The walkers street or the Joggers Park . It’s not any park it is a clean road covered with many trees . A place where most of the people come to walk in the morning . A place where you inhale clean air . For most of the people it is a meeting point . If you live in Nagpur then it must be a common for you that your friend calls you and says “Walkers pe milke decide krte“. If you like hanging out at night with friends , then walkers might be one of the best place to visit .A complete silence during night add up some extra effects to your nightout .



7) Futala lake

“Futala” one of the best place to hangout during morning and evening , because in the afternoon the sun will burn you .If you are with a group of friends and want to spend some time , celebrate birthday or enjoy some lonely time then the lake is just perfect . You can sit on the walls and enjoy the view . But make sure it is a lovers point too , you might end up disturbing some love birds . Sometimes it is not a good place to visit with your family . But opposite to the futala , their are some restaurants with rooftops you can go their and make a happy moment.
Night time is not good to visit as you may find some alcoholic sitting out their .



8) Telankhedi Temple

Telankhedi Hanuman Temple is a famous temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman . If you make a visit to the temple then you should try samosas of telankhedi it serves one of the best samosas in Nagpur . It has a variety of samosa just like paratha , plane samosa , dahi samosa chole samosa and many more .The most interesting thing is this place is the nearest to some of the famous places like futala lake , telankhedi garden and botanical garden . Telankhedi and Botanical garden are not famous for gardens but are famous for not disturbing the love birds .



400 years old Shiv temple,Nagpur

9) Buldi

Buldi or Burdi is fashion street of Nagpur or a market . It is one of the most crowded place in Nagpur.If you are in Nagpur then you must visit buldi . A place where you can find almost everything . If you are visiting on holidays like saturday or sunday evening then make sure not to take your vehicles in the market because once you have entered then you might feel like a battle field , getting out may be a tough job .


10) Haldiram’s

Haldiram is one of the famous place . The restaurant serves delicious food and with low price . The ambiance is good . If you are a pure vegetarian then you must go their , best place to go with your family .Meal I like the most is chole bhature . Haldiram is not only famous for its restaurant but also for sweets and snacks . Another thing I like is “Softy”, “Haldiram ki softy”. A simple but very tasty .


11) Ambazari lake

Another lake to hangout with friends is Ambazari lake. This is not as much crowded as fulalta , because neither restaurant nor any proper sitting arrangement . But you can find too many couples hanging out their . Do not dare to enter this place with family . It is said that this place is not good during night . The place is not safe during the night and it has many horror stories.


Nagpur is a unique place, the most peaceful region in whole Maharashtra. It also has India’s oldest and strongest organisation RSS’s headquarter. We might not have much of big branded chained restos like McD or KFC or Starbucks but we have Shankar nagar ki tapri. Mast Nagpur!