Everything wrong with “A Flying Jatt” ; Tiger Shroff playing a superhero

I was kind of excited after hearing the news of Tiger Shroff playing a superhero. Finally another Indian superhero movie release after Krrish 3 failed to impress.Today (27/10/2015) the first look of the Tiger Shroff starer “A Flying Jatt” was released and my first reaction to the poster was :-


It was kind of weird to digest the fact that a super hero can even look like this. How can they make such a costume? That’s brutally killing even the last piece of hope for superheroes in Indian cinemas. Trust me, even Interstellar’s Cooper wouldn’t have minded staying back near the black hole after watching the poster.



There are some epic fails in this costume of a flying Jatt. Let us break down the epic fails in this movie poster!

1. Too much of religious attributions?


I agree that this superhero is supposedly based on a Jatt character but it does not makes any sense involving a religious symbol as the superheroes symbol. If the past experiences of film and religion are to be considered, we may soon see an outrage by the Punjabi followers for depicting their religious symbol on the chest rather than on the forehead. Plus there are chances of the Flying Jatt getting smashed by Nathan Jones (you read it right. Nathan Jones is the main antagonist of the movie. Mad Max bells ringing? )…. Nathan Jones beating the superhero by attacking him on his chest, which will mean touching the Sikh religious symbol in anger. That is not at all expected. NOT AT ALL!

You might be thinking I may be exaggerating but this is India, if something like this happens there won’t be any surprises. Remember the chaos when Akshay Kumar dawned a turban for the Singh is king franchise?


2. He is too skinny to be a “SUPERHERO” with this costume


Don’t lose up here, this might sound a lame point but let me make you understand how superheroes work :

Not all superheroes are supposed to be toned up but then there is how you represent them. My research says, you have to work hell a lot when designing a costume for the skinny ones. You can’t have attributes like a

  • cape
  • Mask with face wide exposed
  • Loose costume/dress. (Skinny people need tight fittings!)

When the hero is built he can wear what ever he likes. There isn’t any costume which won’t make them look good. On the other hand, if the superhero is skinny, you can’t let him wear what he wishes to there are certain guidelines to follow to make them kickass.

Remember capes are not for the skinny ones nor are the skirt like piece of cloth behind Tiger Shroff’s back.


3.The costume isn’t flying friendly.


The super power which he might have will be flying (duh!). If Krrish has a long jacket doesn’t mean Flying Jatt should have a skirt too. As I mentioned earlier, tight costume would have done the trick but this costume of Tiger has many different kind of fabrics and metals on his body. Which are not at all flying friendly. To fly you need a simple one or two fabric costume.

If this superhero is the one who is going to have powers like jumping from one place to another (like superman) than this costume could make a bit of sense.

4. Wear a proper mask


You can’t dare to leave your face mask crack open. Most of the skinny superheroes have their faces mostly covered, let it be spiderman or deadpool or the Flash. Covered face masks make sense. Try to be a superhero in real sense not a model who is pretending to be a superhero on a Halloween party leaving his face mostly uncovered so that people will recognize him.

We need a good commitment from Indian superheroes. Please over come the Kick kind of mask. Trust me, your identity is not at all safe with this(if you are looking to hide yours).


5. More Halloween friendly please!

source : hexder
source : hexder

Make a costume which we can dawned on Halloween. This can give you more of the fan support and you won’t have to sell wrist bands of your name to get popular.

The other poster featuring Nathan Jones :-


We also have another superhero movie on our way, to be directed by the magician Anurag Kashyap himself, starring Kunal Kapoor as Doga (Raj Comics).

Although I am pretty excited for the movie and hope the plot-line and acting over comes the flaws in the suit. Costumes can be changed and can be made better in future parts.