Things Kendriya Vidyalaya students will understand!

Kendriya Vidyalaya (KV) is surely India’s largest schooling institution. With more than 40% of Indian students studying from it. Life at KV certainly gives some great lessons which come in handy all the time and for sure it is fun bunking and hanging out in KV’s big campuses while quite unique teachers are busy teaching others a good time maths lessons. Yeah I bunked that, a lot. This post is certainly dedicated to all those crazy, chucklesome, freakish students who got an opportunity or are a part of this pretty big sanghatan!

Mesmerizing things about KV


1. The Uniform!

1 kv

Truth be told. the uniform was quite simple and something which you won’t want to be hanging out after school. Though many of us could be easily spotted in it in the evening when we were supposed to directly go for tutions, coaching or simply hanging around with friends. Though KV changed its standard white shirt and blue trouser thing after 2012 when they brought in a pretty colorful but weird uniform. At the end uniforms are supposed to be the sign of equality, which they were doing pretty well

2. The good and flawless Hindi!

2 k GauckBangalore7

If you are looking to speak to some good Hindi speakers, KV is the place! known to keep up our heritiges, KV produces good quality of speakers in Hindi. Though it is a english medium school, you will still find some pretty bad-ass hindi speakers all around the country. Even if you go south, where Hindi is spoken less you will be amazed to know Hindi in KV’s their is good. All thanx to the defence personalities getting traanfer orders all around the country. Also we have Hindi Pakhwadas to keep up the spirit.


3. Singing songs in all the languages?

3 kv dwarka

Remember doing that? At some places the day was Wednesday and at some it was Saturday but the song which we sung were from most of the Indian languages. Let it be “Saare jahaan se acha..” in Urdu or “cheluvina muddina makkale” in Kannada. To this day I only know that this Kannada song is a patriotic one but not the meaning of a single word in it. We don’t care about that, we used to sing them.. sing them all and good with all our friends in chorus. I was one of the guy who used to be on stage anchoring the songs (not showing-off). Remember “Bhaarat ka Swarnim gaurav Kendriya Vidyalaya layega…“, he KV song?


4.Celebrating each and every festivals

4 kv

If our countrymen want to learn the true definition of secularism, KV is the place to start off with. KV wasn’t a christain missionary which will force all their students towards Christ nor a Madarsa to educate them only Islam. Secularism stands correctly in Kendriya Vidyalaya, all of them. We celebrated each and every festival with equal bliss and tenderness. One will have a pretty hard time finding a student of specific religion by obersving them. You will find a Hindu girl singing Kalaam on Eid, A Muslim Santa Claus, or say a Christain preparing for Ganesha Utsav. Learn from us people. You won’t have to return your awards on the first place.


5. S.T.A.R?

5 kv

No, not the STAR labs from the graphic comics “The Flash” but the four houses. S for Shivaji, T for Tagore, A for Ashoka and A for Raman. But if legends are to be believed these represented the North, South, East and west directions, making each one of the STAR coming from each directions. Yeah some of the Kendriya Vidyalaya’s might have different houses like on Madama Curie or Gandhi may be but the real fun was when the inter-houses match took place.


6. Assembly

6 kv

This point should have come pretty earlier but yeah, we are KVians we don’t care of the order; only when it comes to early morning assembly. You will find everyone there standing height-wise. “Daya kar daan vidya ka hame parmatma dena…” Starting of day with this divine prayer then the Indian National pledge. Reciting it line by line after a fellow standinf on stage initiates it. The pledge used to take place in Hindi, English and Sanskrit depending on the days. Then came a pretty small act by students on stage and the event being concluded by the national Anthem.


7. Cluster meets

7 KVstudentskhokho

Undoubtingly, Kendriya Vidyalaya Sanghatan organizes the countries biggest sports event amongst the students. Around 1,148,340 number of students from KV tried their luck in different sports every year to qualify for the CLuseter, then regionals and the final SGFI meets. Students all across the country got chances to visit different places to play their games and those who couldn’t get anywhere used to get holidays as accommodation of students were organised at their schools. Pretty cool both ways!


8. Vacations and holiday homework

8 kv (2)

A whooping 50 days in summer and 10 days for Autumn break, during Durga Puja and after final exams used to get over. We KVians enjoy a googd amout of holidays. Yeah, the fact remains we used to get a load of homework for the holidays keeping us somehow busy. Well I never started my homework 2 days before schools reopening. The School used to re-open 10 days after final exams and we used to get our summer vacations in between our next class ie a month after school reopening. The policy was to book students during holidays but I feel that was kind of harsh.

9. Second Saturdays!

9 KV-boys

The best thing about KV was the second saturdays. We miss that thing now, don’t we? This was one of the most epic thing. Very few of us know why we have second saturdays right? Here’s the thing,

According to the book of Genesis in the Bible, the world was created in six days and the seventh day (Saturday) was a day of rest and worship. The ancient Egyptians also considered this day a day of rest and play. Saturday is the Sabbath among the Jews and the only day named after a Roman God, Saturn. In support of this historical belief, across cultures, most employers give their workers either a half day or a full holiday on this day. Saturn is the second-largest planet in the solar system and hence second Saturday is a holiday. (Source : Quora).


10. The C.C.A

10 kv

Every friday we used to get show case our talents in different co-curricular activities like debate in Hindi or english, singing, crafts, poetry, hand writing, story telling, drama and what not? C.C.A’s used to be some serious hard lessons by teachers other than studies and when you can do anything other than studies it’s cool with the KVians.

11. Teacher’s arrangement sheet

11 kv

When one of your teacher misses a class, wasn’t this a big goal? hell yeah it was. An arrangement sheet used to be placed on the bulletin board marking the absent teachers and their replacements for the day. We as a united class used to send a student to check in the sheet and used to celebrate a lot when we had a teacher absent and arranged by a game period. THOSE DAYS!


12. Inspection day

12 Cleanliness Drive Inaugural Day at KV Kanjikode

Who can forget that? a group of officers from different locations coming to our school for inspection (It took me till 8th to memorize that word). On this day everything was clean and fancy. Teachers dressed well, taking an extra effort teaching us. on our parts our notebooks were well covered and uniforms were pretty much clean. Though we were afraid, afraid of not being the one to whom the inspectors ask question. This fear made me skip few inspection days. Well I was a shy chap then.



13. The first crush?

13 first-crush

Be truthful, this was the place where you met your first crush. All those advices from friends in approaching her/him, trying to fake a convo, making a plan with friends “ye meri vaali.. o teri vaali…”. Some of us also might still be with them. This was great. wasn’t it?


14. Ability to adapt

14 kv

Being a KVian, one thing is sure, you can adapt with anyone at anyplace. With transfer of most of the parents, students had to change their school every three years or four. These were the tough times, knowing you won’t be able to meet them soon. Social media took time to hit in leaving us disconnected. This as a result also made sure you can adapt at different places as the next person you are going to meet might have same schooling experience as that of yours.

15. Bonding with the teachers!

15 kv (2)

Nostalgic by now? We made great bonds with our teachers which sometimes was above family. These were the teachers that used to guide us whenever we needed them the most. Be it saving us from principal or giving us the life lessons. These were the people who were always with us. Cheers to all such great teachers. Do one thing, give a meet to your favourite teacher right now.


Being in Kendriya Vidyalaya is much more than just being educated. It teaches some great life lessons, lessons which you will keep throughout your life. All those drawings, decorating the class rooms with charts, the wrenching Physics practicals, Gigantically big playgrounds, rotation of seats everyday, bunking and hanging out somewhere safe, playing cricket on the basketball court… we certainly did some good deeds and few crazy ones. This is what made us KVians. SO what are you waiting for? grab your phone, call all your friends, plan a reunion and do tell us which KV you are from!