Top 15 Video Games which will remind you of 90’s

90’s was a great era to grow up in. It was perfect mixture of the physical rugged playground experience doped with the upcoming techs which surely blew our minds. Though the techs not as advanced as these days but enough to make us stand in the corner of a playground and talk about it. “Abe tujhe raani mili kya?” (Did you find the princess?) was a talking point when we used to discuss about video games, specially the Mario. Now why don’t we make some time out remembering 10 video-games which kept our childhood bidden with that era of Video Games?

But first we should thanks those gaming consoles which made our life beautiful by creating a virtual environment around us. In this environment, the bullies and the victims, all were hero. There were 2 types of gamers, once were those who played on a TV video game consoles and others were the hand held video game devices. Which again were pretty awesome too!


Top 10 video games to bring your childhood back!

15. Tetris

The falling block game which was quite addictive and one could keep on playing this for hours without knowing the time. Tetris is one of the most famous block game, the success of this game can still be seen as this game is still widely played. Games like Candy crush no doubt are a prodigy of the block game which was started by tetris.



14. Load runner

Load runner was an arcade game where the player had to climb stairs and get those heap of gold or dust. This one was a fun game as this seemed like a real word game where we used to climb stairs and do what we normally did in our daily life as a kid.

load runner

13. Punch out

The boxing game to get the rocky in us. Nothing lie Punch-Out to play with young siblings or friends. It was matter of time when these video games turned into real fights.

12. Pong

Table pong is an international sport (Table Tennis). It was quite fun playing this game on television sets those days with your friends and siblings and get competitive with.

11. Circus

A fun game! Surely a fun game. You act as a circus clown and do all the stunts a circus-man does. Hurdling and diving into fire-rings, walking on ropes, walking on wheels. This was a fun game for me.


10. Adventure Island

Another fun game. A cave man riding roller coaster with a helmet is hilarious. COllecting hammers to throw on crows and collecting bananas was the sole purpose of this game.


9. Duck Hunt

A game which required a high end input device (A video game gun that time was a big deal). You take your guns and shoot birds for this greedy dog who only loves you when you kill a bird for it.

Shooting a duck and acting as you just used a real gun! MIND IT (blows the gun top).


8. Space invaders

A space shooting game to shoot a nexus of aliens approaching you. I wasn’t that much into space games. felt kind of out of the world.


7. battle city

You have a sibling? this is the game which you two can play together and act as a total bad-ass. Battle city dealt with shooting a handful number of tanks before they shoot you and also protecting the eagle badge from enemy tanks. This is the game I mostly spent time on.


6. Pocket tanks

Pocket tank, another tank game dealing with any power shoots but to destroy the land beneath your opponents tank. Irony being that opposite tank loses only points never gets blasted. I still play this game on my android device because… it is still cool!


5. Pac-Man

Pac-Man being one of the most celebrated games of this world. Even these days, Google celebrates Pac-man day on 21st Jan. You can play this game anytime on google just by typing Pac-Man on your google search engine.


4. Mortal Kombat

A kickass fighting game in which you have to kick your opponent in every lethal way possible. This game still gets updates and has transformed drastically with change in graphics technology.



2. Donkey Kong

Arguably story of king-kong in a game, but the fact that the girl here is held by the kong and out of no where, Mario comes to rescue her. Looks like Mario has turned to be a better detective than Sherlock. HE surely can find anyone.


2. Contra

The best shooting game Contra, was and still is love of every video gamer. This is what happens when you decide to take on an entire transformer like machines on your own. Yeah you do have your younger sibling next to you but we all know, hei si not helping at all!


1. Super Mario

If I place Super Mario on the top of the list no one gets offended. The most played game world wide is a story of a dude, video games own Casanova Mario whose life mission is to save each and every girl or princess in this game and kiss them to find out the actual Princess is in another castle.



I just hope you all are satisfied with this list. If you think I missed any game which deserved to be in the top 15 please leave them in the comments. and do vote for your favorite TV video games in comments!