Use of Light for internet? Li-Fi can be used in airplane and petrol pump!

With the rapid development in the technology, there is also a need to increase in transfer rate, i.e. the rate by which data is transferred from one location to another in simple words the speed of our internet. Most of us use WiFi in our homes which uses radio spectrum for connectivity, which has a speed of 150 Mbps. But we need growth. For this a new technology has emerged called “Li-Fi”. Standing fot light fidelity. Li-Fi uses light as a medium to transfer. We can use anything which emits light like our bulb or tube-light. Li-Fi has a transmitting speed of more than 1 Gbps.

How Li-Fi works?

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Data is nothing but the sequence of 0’s or 1’s. Li-Fi uses light, when the light is switched off “0” is transmitted and when the light is switched on “1” is transmitted.
To connect different devices every device must have a processor use to convert the data into 1’s and 0’s and pass it to bulb controller.Bulb-controller used to control the on and off of light emitting device.For receiving photo-diode is used which absorbs the light and then again convert 0’s and 1’s into voltage and pass it to the processor.

Different research is still going on, we can think of a future where the Li-Fi is integrated with the power supply so as every bulb is capable of transmitting data.

Where can Li-Fi be used?



You read it right! Li-Fi can be used under-water. Though we don’t often dive inside our pools to surf internet but this breakthrough might be helpful for studya and development purposes.

can be used at petrol pump


We are not supposed to use internet of mobile phones on petrol pumps. The use of mobile phones or other devices which use Radio Frequency is prohibited cause they can result in explosion. If we use Li-FI at such location, source of transfer being natural no such threat is intended.

On airplane


With Li-Fi in the picture you won’t have to worry about Air-hostesses asking you to shut down your phone. The signals of Li-Fi won’t interfere with that of the planes and will be a win-win situation for all.

Human life is safe

Most importantly, the human life will be safe with this medium of transfer as various deadly outcomes of Radio-frequency won’t be in picture.

What else makes Li-Fi a better option!

1) It is less expensive.

2) Bandwidth of visible light is much higher than radio frequency waves.

3) The visible light has an unregulated and unlicensed spectrum.

4) Visible light is Eco-friendly and it does not cause any harm to the body.

5) With more bandwidth it can provide a speed more than 1 Gbps.


The above article was written by Kshitij Kamlakar who also gave a seminar on this topic. Editing done by Mukul Pathak.