[FAN STORY] If Henry Allen (Barry’s dad) is ZOOM in The Flash

From the day Zoom came into the picture of CW’s hit series “The Flash” all are scratching their brains to solve the puzzle of who the Zoom could be? So far (S02E07) it is quite understood that Zoom is from Earth-2, he was created by Earth-2’s Doctor Harrison Wells (Harry) and was quite busy hunting all the speedster on his planet before coming to know about The Flash’s alternate universe. He on his planet has already shown Jay Garrick some tough time. Yeah, we all know Earth-2’s Flash, Jay is quite bugged at Harry for creating that monster.

Jay Garrick somehow managed to circumvent his death from Zoom after a wormhole was created on his planet which led Zoom to understand multiverse concept and made him to realize the possibility of more speedsters.


Now there are couple of questions. These being,

Why does Zoom want to kill each and every speedsters? Even those from other universe. Who is Zoom? How he got his powers?

After some deep thinking and not relating Zoom to original comics, I have come up with my own theory suggesting earth-2’s Henry Allen (Barry’s dad) being the Zoom. Quite puzzled? let me break this to you!


The possibility of Henry being ZOOM – From the story-line

Courtesy : facebook
Courtesy : facebook

So far, We have seen several characters from earth-2 coming to kill Barry under the influence of Zoom. All those killers so far have their alter ego on Barry’s earth be it “Eddie Slick / Sand Demon” or Linda Park’s Dr. Light. These Barry-hunters came and took identity or tried to take identity of their Barry’s earth equivalent. This shows the possibility of each and every character on both earths having their alter egos.

Does that mean there is a Barry Allen on earth-2 also? If so then why Zoom has not yet tried to mess things up with the earth-2 Barry. “OR” is he dead like earth-s’2 Oliver Queen? The second option seams more feasible to me. Zoom already knows who the flash is and he could have found the other Barry or his dad and make things more difficult for the Flash. Well, as far as show gone so far this doesn’t seem to happen.

So this does not rule out the possibility of Henry Allen being Zoom. Now imagining, Earth-s’2 Barry dead and Henry being the Zoom, let me tell you my theory about Zoom’s backstory and how he got his powers.


If death of Oliver and his father Robert Queen as Arrow are concerned, this can’t be neglected that earth-2 is all about Bad-ass fathers of dead children. Robert dawning Arrow’s suit, Henry Allen dawning the Zoom and to enrich our fantasies Thomas Wayne as Batman to seek revenge for his dead son Bruce Wayne. Hey! everything is possible in love, DC and war.

Taking Thomas dawning Batsuit to kill his son’s killer, It can be assumed that Zoom is doing the same (Hold your Nerves).




The year is 2000, Barry is going to sleep after having a small moral talk with his mother.Henry Allen is not home yet. A speedster, with a blazing Yellow and Red streak enters their home in search for someone and ends up killing Nora Allen and Barry Allen. By the time Henry reaches near his home with his friend Joey, they find out the red-yellow streak running out of Henry’s house. Puzzled Henry runs into the house to find out his spouse and their only child Barry laying dead in front of him. Henry is heartbroken, he ran out of the house to catch the streak but they were nowhere seen. Henry kneels on the ground, looks into the sky with his hands up and yells in anger and tear.



Henry being devastated with the deaths in his family is ready to go to any extent to find those killers. All he knew about the killer was it was super-fast and had a red-yellow streak. With only this much information not sufficient for the CCPD to find the murderers, they decided to close this case. This made Henry even more frustrated and rose his anxiety to find the killers by any means.With CCPD not being able to find the killers made Henry avoid Joey and this led Henry hanging out alone in finding the clues to find the killers and bring the justice.

Dr. Harrison Wells hand behind the making of ZOOM

Now this is were Doctor Harrison Wells comes into picture. Being an enthusiastic and out of the box approach taker, Harry takes interest in the Allen family deaths. More of he was interested in the streak Henry was talking about. Knowing a super-fast running human is not biologically possible, he decided to take the help of his chemical science and technology to build an artificial speedster.

Harry contacted Henry with the mindset of testing his experiment on human and who better than a heart-wounded man seeking revenge for the deaths in his family with a determination to go to any extend to find the killers. Henry after knowing about Dr. Wells’ experiment shows keen interest as “what could be a better way to find the killers when you are one of them”. With this mindset and unknown to the consequences, Henry went under the experiment to find out he lost his face as the chemicals did no good to his skin.

Despite being in deep pain cause of the burns his intentions were not at all hurt. although the burn body made Henry angry on Harry and he tried to hurt him. To soothe his pain, Harry brought up a yellow suit which could relax his pains only if he adhesive attaches that suit to his body forever. Watching that yellow suit reminded him of the streak and he bare handed destroyed that suit into pieces with his super-sonic speed and asking Harry to make a suit scary and not yellow or red. This is when Harry gave a crooked smile and handed Henry a haunting black suit. The suit managed to calm his pain to some level but this did not make Henry less angry on Harry.

Knowing about the unearthly damages to the body of Henry, Harry decided not to test this speedster experiment ever again.



Henry decided to call himself The Zoom and ran world wide to find those speedsters. In an encounter with Jay Garrick, it was quite clear to him that those red and yellow streaks could be of two different persons. This is when he decided to kill each and every speedster he ever has an encounter with. Just like Thomas Wayne’s Batman, Zoom too was not afraid of blood sheds. With his hunger to kill each and every speedster he also grew a sense of competition against all other speedster, as who is the fastest man alive. Despite very well knowing that he now was a monster rather than a human, courtesy Harrison Wells.

By the time Zoom was more addicted to be the fastest man alive rather than bringing justice to his family. Zoom traveled every corner of the earth to kill the speedsters before returning back to kill the one last Jay Garrick. Jay was able to survive all previous encounters but was never able to win over Zoom.

Now, the day when death of Jay was sure with the speedy hands of Zoom, a wormhole opened into the sky which took Jay away into the other universe. Zoom surviving the transport, understood the concept of other world and this came in his mind there could be others like him in that universe.


Zoom affected mentally with Harry’s experiment would not realize Barry could be his son, the son he lost. For now he is only behind killing all the speedsters and being the fastest man alive. Deep down, he is still behind all those yellow and red streaks who might have killed his family.