5 Pen Computer : When 5 pens become your computer

From room size computer to Desktop PC to laptop to tablet , every day scientists and engineers are trying to compact our computer. Another technology which is currently under development is “Five Pen PC” or the 5 pen computer. A Five Pen PC is a collection of 5 pens which can replace your traditional computer peripherals. It is a type of computer which can be dismantled into 5 different small pen like structure which basically are computer components. Each pen has its own functioning.

In Five Pen PC, each pen signifies the following equivalent computer functionalities :-

Pen 1 : The processor


It has one CPU pen which is brain of the device, it is the processor where all calculations take place. The basically is the CPU of an equivalent computer. Here the pen on the block stand is the processor pen.

Pen 2 : The keyboard pen


The keyboard pen acts as a keyboard. Tough to digest how we will be able to type on such a small pen? let me break it to you, it will be able to create a virtual keyboard for interaction with the device and send input to the CPU or the processor pen. A virtual keyboard will let the lights fall from the pen, this light will be shaped as a keyboard and will sense every time you press any button on the keyboard.

Pen 3 : The display pen


Display pen as name suggests is the monitor like device which will act as the display. It will show the graphical interface to the users by which we the users will be able to see the changes and implement our programs by taking orders from the processor pen. Everything in here is same as that of a PC monitor or out laptop display but again it will be a projecting device which will project the display where ever the user wants it to.

Pen 4 : The Camera pen


A 360 degree communicating device can be used for video recording, video conferencing you can call it a web cam. Such pens we often see on advertisements for spying purposes but here this device will act as a part of the computer system. Fancy, eh?

Pen 5 : The Pointer pen / Communication pen


Missing the mouse? we obviously need a device which will act as an input device, the device which will give the manual instruction to the system from the user. This pen can be use as a mouse and a scanner as well.

All we need is a plane surface (optional), connect our 5 pens and it is easy to work on.

All these pens are wireless and connected with one another through short-range wireless technology. The whole set is also connected to the Internet through the cellular phone function. They are connected through Tri-wireless modes (Bluetooth, 802.11B/G, and Cellular).

These pen PC posses several advantages these are,

these pens are easy to port from one place to another, thanks to their mobile and tiny structure. These pens won’t let things go complex with wires as their are no wires. The basic thing for a mankind is Roti, Kapda, Makaan and Bandwidth. Yes, this computer can be connected to Wi-Fi and gives you more to chill about.

Though this PC is still under going building process and researches are going on to implement this technology soon with better and up to date processing facilities found in our computers.