Life lessons to learn from Rahul Dravid – The Wall

Rahul Dravid, the wall of Indian cricket has given us a lot of memories while playing for the nation. He is an acting role model for many Indian cricketers and players like Ajinkya Rahane and Pujara themselves go and meet the man to get some advice. We very well know how these kids perform under the influence of Dravid. Here are some interesting lessons to be learnt from Rahul Dravid, written by Mohit singh on Quora

1. Deliver despite the odds :

Well everyone remembers India’s Historic Win over Mighty Aussies in Eden Garden in 2001 . A win that’s only heard in fairy tales . And featuring that win was a splendid knock of 281 by VVS Laxman and a beautiful display of bowling by Harbhajan Singh .
Lesser number of people remember Dravid’s 180 not out in the same match. And many less remember that Dravid was unwell during the knock and was on antibiotics.
He was dropped to No. 6 in the batting order, severely criticised for failing against Steve Waugh’s mighty Australians, and was suffering cramps and dehydration. The innings was one best described as effort and toil personified.And the innings proved that

” An achiever needs to be resourceful. When going gets tough, tough gets going. Find solutions to the odd situations to turn them into your favour.”

2. It’s the team that comes first :

Well he is probably the finest example of a remarkable team player . Whatever role was demanded of him, he did it for his team’s cause.
Quoting from an article of Harsha Bhogle
There were two things Dravid didn’t really love in cricket: opening the batting and keeping wicket. He was asked to do both at various times, and I asked him if he ever contemplated saying no. He didn’t enjoy it, he said, but took it as a challenge, to see how good he could be. This acceptance of challenges is what has defined his cricket and made him one of the finest team players there has been. A challenge, he said, allowed him to understand himself better, it gave him a reason to play sport. If he shied away, he would never know how good he could be. He kept wicket in about 70 one-day internationals, never most convincingly, but he allowed himself to look bad for the team to look good. It was always the team for him “

3. Patience :

” In an era of instant gratification, we settle for short trees, but patience has its own rewards.”

Well there was a reason why he was so successful batsman in Test Cricket and it was his patience . He never hurried through his innings , he was willing to bide his time, leave alone the good deliveries and patiently wait to punish the bad one. At times, he was willing to aggressively defend. He always had the larger interests of the team in mind. Once playing, he was neither afraid of the hardship, nor tempted by personal glory.

There are the Sachins, the Sehwags, the Laxmans and the Dhonis, but when it comes to playing the sheet anchor’s role, and giving the innings the required solidity from one end (so that the batsman at the other end can play his strokes), the Indian team think-tank doesn’t look beyond Rahul Dravid. He just makes the bowlers so tired with his speculate defence allowing his team mates to cash on runs. This has been a tale all these years.

And I suppose that’s what earned him the title of “THE WALL ” .

4. Temperament and Consistent Hard work :

As Navjot Singh Sidhu Quoted about Dravid :Some succeeded because they are destined to, but he succeeded because he was Determined to”

He is the man who has grown by hard work and willpower, a sheer determination to rise above. Despite the number of runs and centuries that Rahul Dravid scored in international cricket, his pre-match preparation had a routine that visualizing himself scoring runs on the pitch to be used for the forthcoming match. Great sportsmen don’t play for money or glory. They play for a feeling that is something beyond.

5. Playing it the Gentlemen’s way :

Off the field, Dravid is remarkably shy, but carrying himself with a good deal of grace and humility. The respect he has earned is not merely due to his cricketing exploits alone; opponents have praised him for carrying the same conduct on to the field and remaining modest despite being a run-scoring colossus in the international cricketing arena. It, therefore, came as no surprise when he was selected to deliver the ninth Bradman Oration at Canberra in December 2011, becoming the first non-Australian cricketer to do so.

Currently, Rahul Dravid is working with India Under-19 cricket team. With Dravid’s commitment towards the game and team’s hardwork they recently won a tri-series in and against Bangladesh with the third being Afghanistan. We wish Rahul Dravid keeps on serving for the cricket in one way or the another and always be the role model we deserve, both on and off the field.