10 south Indian movies to watch for if you liked Drishyam

Did you like Drishyam? The Ajay Devgann starer movie is a hindi version of the Malyalam movie with the same name. South Indian movies are rich in story and proper scripting. There are few other south Indian movies which you will love to watch and despite having a language barrier you will appreciate these great south Indian flicks.


1. Manichithrathazhu (Malayalam)



This film is such a classic in Kerala that there is no point in asking a Keralite or ‘Malayalee’, “have you watched Manichithrathazhu?“. The question must be like “How many times?” This is an excerpt from Wikipedia page of the film.


“Twenty years after its release it has been screened more than 12 times a year on average on Kerala’s leading TV channel, Asianet. This film has received the maximum TRP rating on every screening; TRP ratings have increased every year. This is a rare record for a movie produced in Kerala.”

This film was remade in Tamil and Telugu as Chandramukhi, in Hindi as Bhool Bhulaiyaa, in Kannada as Apthamitra and in Bengali as Rajmohol.

I have watched the Tamil and Hindi versions. Tamil version had much changes in the storyline as compared to the original Manichithrathazhu. In Hindi, however the changes to the core storyline was comparatively less. You, being a North Indian, must have seen Bhool Bhulaiyaa. But I strongly recommend you to watch this one since it is , in my opinion, is one of the best psycho-thrillers ever produced in Indian Cinema.

2. Kannathil Muthamittaal (Tamil)


This Mani Ratnam movie is the story of Amudha, a nine year old girl, going in search of her parents. As the film progresses, the journey of Amudha elevates from being just a story of a nine year old girl to the geopolitics of this part of South Asia. It’s a beautifully crafted film which will leave us in the middle of many emotional, moral and political questions. I do watch some of the scenes from this movie in youtube even now, especially the climax scenes which are undoubtedly some of the best performances happened in Indian Cinema.

3. Anbe Sivam (Tamil)


Anbe Sivam is noted for one of the best performances ever made by Kamal Hasan and it should be. Kamal showed an extra ordinary brilliance in portraying his character in this movie. He was very well supported by R Madhavan. If you see the story of this film, we see regular Tamil romantic-masala stories if taken individually one by one, but on a collective sense it transforms to something extra ordinary and man, what a climax!

4. Iruvar (Tamil)


For me, this is the movie where the acting skills of Mohanlal was exploited to the maximum and if someone asks me which is the best movie of Mohanlal till date(I might be starting a non ending debate here), I will say Iruvar, without any hesitation. And particularly this scene in the picture took my breath away! How effortlessly is he acting!

I was really sad to know that this film bombed in the box office. For me, this was the masterpiece of Mani Ratnam. The film showed absolute class, in every aspects, whether it be the music, casting, cinematography, acting, or any other possible aspect.

5. Kaazhcha (Malayalam)


It’s about a boy who happens to be a Gujrat earthquake victim reaching Kerala and meeting a film operator named Madhavan. Film was noted for it’s script and the performance of Mammootty as Madhavan.

6. Traffic (Malayalam)


This movie was a trend-setter in Malayalam. The treatment and pace of the movie was pretty new to Malayalam. I was really impressed by the screenplay which is said to be inspired from an incident happened in Chennai. This movie was remade into Tamil and the Hindi remake of the same is happening.

7. Pithamagan(Tamil)



This gentleman you see in the mirror is Vikram, the same person you saw in Raavan(Hindi) as the police officer. Vikram did a splendid job in the film(for which he got the national award for best actor) along with Suriya(Rakthacharithra fame) who also was stunning in my opinion.

8. Mumbai Police(Malayalam)


This one is an absolutely stunning crime thriller which had Prithviraj(you might have seen him in Aiyya and Aurangzeb) and is noted as one among the best roles portrayed by Prithviraj in his whole career. The screenplay was amazing and if you are interested in thriller genre movies, don’t miss this one.

9. Aadukalam(Tamil)


Aadukalam portrays the politics of human relationships and emotions, and that too in a careful and precise manner. The film absolutely stunned me, both by performance and by the beauty of story telling.

10. Thanmathra(Malayalam)


A beautiful script backed by some beautiful performances. Thanmathra talks about Alzheimer’s disease, but what I found interesting is that it not just the portrayal of the disease, it’s about family, love and relationships.


The list comprises of Tamil and Malayalam movies only. If you are done seeing this list, we will love to compile another list with such great regional movies in India. Source : Friends and Quora.