How to impress girls, explained by a girl

Are you having trouble impressing a girl? are you shy enough to know what and how to talk to a girl? Is it that you have good money and gadgets but still fail to impress girls?

Is this how you feel when you see your crush?



These things might worry you a lot, these things are troublesome and decreases your social status. When look handsome is not enough, you need to be impressive and flattery. Worry not, I will be your guide when it comes to impress girls!

1. Intelligence and competency


(regardless of what field you are in). I like smart guys who are really good at what they do.

2. A strong sense of humor.


Unexpected jokes. Never missing a beat. (See “intelligence”)

3. Generosity and kindness.


This relates to you being competent and successful in your work so you can afford to treat your lady (and everyone else in life) well. Again, see point 1.

4. A positive attitude.


Being able to roll with the punches, forgive easily, maintain your cool even under pressure. Being polite, patient, that kind of thing.

5. Dependability.


You show up when you say you will; can call when you say will call, etc… You can be counted on to get to work on time, get yourself home in one piece (not drunk), stay on top of things. You take responsibility for your life. You don’t blame your parents or everyone else in the world for your problems.

6. Smelling nice, looking good, and being dressed appropriately.


You are smart enough to understand the value of proper personal hygiene, grooming, nutrition and exercise, and you have decent taste in clothes. I put this last because it’s superficial stuff. But it helps!


7. Love kids


Chics dig it when guys like and admire kids. So why don’t you get close to your nephews if not then her nephews.

Aside from that, it’s a matter of chemistry. Notice these are attributes, not random acts of heroism. You can’t trick me into being impressed by you with some crazy antics (however amusing they may be). You are either quality man meat, or you are not. The rest is just gravy.

I know this answer is far from the most impressive so far – and probably not what you were looking for – but it just happens to be true. For me anyway. Then again, I’m not that young. 15-year-old me would have said “be hot and be able to play the guitar”. Which just goes to show…